Tomoko Aoyama Honored for Reading Food in Modern Japanese Literature

Reading FoodTomoko Aoyama is the most recent recipient of the Asian Studies Association of Australia’s Mid-career Researcher Prize for Excellence. Dr. Aoyama received the prize for her work in Reading Food in Modern Japanese Literature, published by UH Press in 2008.

“At first glance, this seems an unlikely subject, but the originality of the topic is fully sustained by the clarity of exposition, the profound knowledge of modern Japanese literature (both in the original and in translation) and the assurance of the author’s voice. A wide-ranging interest in theory never obscures its application to the discussion of particular works and themes. With a broad interdisciplinary approach, the author offers many sharp and relevant insights from anthropology, history, cultural studies, feminism, etc., and her cross-cultural insights are well-based. A feature of the book is the skill with which the English reader is led to appreciate linguistic subtleties in the Japanese.” —Citation from the Prize Committee