Journal of World History, vol. 26, no. 3 (2015)

The Journal of World History volume 26 number 3 features the following works by world history scholars:

  • Female Rule in the Indian Ocean World (1300–1900), by Stefan Amirell
  • Scaling the Local: Canada’s Rideau Canal and Shifting World Heritage Norms, by Aurélie Elisa Gfeller and Jaci Eisenberg
  • How Shall We Live?: Chinese Communal Experiments after the Great War in Global Context, by Shakhar Rahav
  • Anthony Sherley’s Spanish Writings and the Global Early Modern, by Jesús López-Peláez Casellas
  • Cholera, Colonialism, and Pilgrimage: Exploring Global/Local Exchange in the Central Egyptian Delta, by Stephanie Anne Boyle
  • Locating Africans on the World Stage: A Problem in World History, by Patrick Manning
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