Publishing in Academic Journals: Pro Tips from an Editor

An experienced editor offers authors practical advice about navigating the journal publishing process in an open access guide, “Publishing in Academic Journals: Pro Tips from U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal.”

Alisa Freedman gathers her experience as editor-in-chief of U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal from 2016-2022 to create this pragmatic how-to guide that details the process from submission to publication, what to expect and when, and who does what. Her suggestions draw from the humanities and qualitative social sciences, but the advice is also useful to scholars in other fields. 

This guide addresses the following common questions and more:

  • How long it takes to publish a peer reviewed article
  • How to choose the right journal for your article
  • How a journal article’s structure differs from a dissertation chapter
  • What happens when two reviewers offer differing recommendations
  • Obtaining permissions to use images in an article
  • What happens after an article is accepted for publication

Thanks to Alisa Freedman for illuminating this editing and production process for prospective authors! Find the publishing guide on Project MUSE.


Call for Papers: U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal

The U.S.–Japan Women’s Journal welcomes contributions from all academic fields in the social sciences and humanities. The journal publishes new research, review articles, and translations. Manuscripts should be between 6,000 and 10,000 words, including the alphabetical list of Works Cited and endnotes. Submissions will be reviewed by the USJWJ editors and anonymously by outside reviewers. Please review the complete Submission Guidelines.