Philosophy East and West, vol. 67, no. 4 (October 2017)

This quarter’s journal of comparative Eastern and Western philosophies is a Special Issue entitled: Eleventh East-West Philosophers’ Conference, “State-of-the-Art on Comparative Philosophy” with guest editor Ron Bontekoe and includes the following scholarly works:

In Memoriam

Remembering Jiyuan Yu
by Chenyang Li

special issue articles

Some Opening Remarks on the Exclusionary Tendency in Western Philosophy
by Ron Bontekoe

The Place of Philosophy
by Danielle Macbeth

Response to Danielle Macbeth, “The Place of Philosophy”
by Stephen C. Angle

Reply to Stephen Angle
by Danielle Macbeth

Ethnocentrism and Multiculturalism in Contemporary Philosophy
by Brian Bruya

Response to Brian Bruya, “Ethnocentrism and Multiculturalism in Contemporary Philosophy”
by Robert Cummings Neville

Reply to Robert Neville
by Brian Bruya

Response to Amy Olberding, “Philosophical Exclusion and Conversational Practices”
by Eric Schliesser

“Chinese Philosophy” at European Universities: A Threefold Utopia
by Carine Defoort

The Conversation of Philosophy: A Polemical Response to Carine Defoort
by Tim Heysse

Outrageously Irrelevant Remarks of a Girl in a Closed Conversation: A Reply to Tim Heysse
by Carine Defoort


Reconstructing Mozi’s Jian’ai 兼愛
by Youngsun Back

Sinitic Buddhist Narratives of Wonders: Are There Miracles in Buddhism?
by Chiew Hui Ho

Words In and Out of History: Indian Semantic Derivation (Nirvacana) and Modern Etymology in Dialogue
by Paolo Visigalli

Swami Vivekananda’s Vedāntic Critique of Schopenhauer’s Doctrine of the Will
by Ayon Maharaj

From the Principle of Rational Autonomy to the Virtuosity of Empathetic Embodiment: Reclaiming the Modern Significance of Confucian Civilization
by Huaiyu Wang

Affirming Fate and Incorporating Death: The Role of Amor Fati in Nishitani’s Religion and Nothingness
by Sarah Flavel

Mou Zongsan’s Self-Reversal and Heidegger’s Other Beginning
by Lin Ma

book reviews

New Visions of the Zhuangzi, edited by Livia Kohn
by Ruud Thomas Burke

Vanishing into Things: Knowledge in Chinese Tradition, by Barry Allen
by Shane Ryan and Chienkuo Mi

Visual Culture in Contemporary China: Paradigms and Shifts, by Xiaobing Tang
by Man-Fung Yip

An Introduction to Islamic Philosophy: Based on the Works of Murtada Mutahhari, by Abdal-Rasul Obudiyyat, translated by Hussein Valeh
by Oliver Leaman

Plus books received and index.

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