Philosophy East and West, vol. 66, no. 3 (2016)

This special issue of Philosophy East and West is dedicated to the inaugural meeting of the World Consortium for Research in Confucian Cultures, convened at the University of Hawai‘i and the East-West Center, October 8-12, 2014, on the theme “Confucian Values in a Changing World Cultural Order,” to explore the contributions of Confucian thought to world culture.

One feature at the inaugural conference was a special panel dedicated to the philosophy of Li Zehou 李泽厚, one of the most renowned and influential philosophers of our time. This dedicated issue opens with the following works on Li Zehou:

Li Zehou and Pragmatism
by Catherine Lynch

Approaches to Global Ethics: Michael Sandel’s Justice and Li Zehou’s Harmony
by Kurtis G. Hagen

Li Zehou’s Lunyu jindu (Reading the Analects today)
by Michael Nylan

Li Zehou’s Reconception of the Confucian Ethics of Emotion
By Jinhua Jia

The issue also includes a new Author Meets Critics section, additional articles,  a comment and discussion section,  and book reviews.

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