Manoa, vols. 1-8 (1989-1996)

All of these issues are available online via JSTOR.

Seeing the Invisible cover image[*] SEEING THE INVISIBLE (Winter 1996, Volume 8:2)
Stories from Korea, written by women since the country’s democratization in the 1980s, guest-edited by Bruce Fulton

[*] SUMMER 1996 (Volume 8:1)
New stories and poems from the Pacific Coast of South America; poetry guest-edited by James Hoggard

[*] WINTER 1995 (Volume 7:2)
New writing from Viet Nam guest-edited by Nguyen Nguyet Cam and Kevin Bowen

[*] SUMMER 1995 (Volume 7:1)
Fiction from Japan guest-edited by Leza Lowitz

[*] WINTER 1994 (Volume 6:2)
Fiction, poetry, native folk tales, and essays from the Russian Far East guest-edited by Adele Barker

[*] SUMMER 1994 (Volume 6:1)
Post-Tiananmen Square poetry from the People’s Republic of China guest-edited by Arthur Sze

[*] WINTER 1993 (Volume 5:2)
Fiction, poetry, and memoirs from Australia guest-edited by Christina Thompson

[*] SUMMER 1993 (Volume 5:1, out of print)
Stories, plays, poem, essays, and interviews from the contemporary Pacific Islands guest-edited by Vilsoni Hereniko

[*] FALL 1992 (Volume 4:2)
Fiction and poetry from Mexico guest-edited by Hernan Lara Zavala and Darlaine Mahealani Dudoit

[*] SPRING 1992 (Volume 4:1)

Fiction and poetry from the Philippines guest-edited by Alfred A. Yuson

[*] FALL 1991 (Volume 3:2)
Fiction by women from Japan guest-edited by Masao Miyoshi

[*] SPRING 1991 (Volume 3:1)
Fiction and poetry from Indonesia guest-edited by John McGlynn

[*] FALL 1990 (Volume 2:2)
Fiction from Korea guest-edited by Kim Uchang

[*] SPRING 1990 (Volume 2:1)
Fiction, poetry, and oral narratives from Papua New Guinea guest-edited by David Roskies and Darlaine Mahealani Dudoit

[*] SPRING-FALL 1989 (Volume 1:1-2)
Fiction from the People’s Republic of China guest-edited by Howard Goldblatt