Manoa, vol. 25, no. 2 (2013): Bright as an Autumn Moon

Manoa 25:2 coverPresented by Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

Preface, ix

List of Illustrations, viii

Viśvanātha, 2
Shining with the Luster

From The Subhāṣitaratnakoṣa, 4
Having Silenced the Silver

From The Amaruśataka, 8
Tender Lip Bitten
Her Breasts
My Breasts at First
She Did Nothing to Bar the Door
She’s in My House

Vidyā, 24
On Makeshift Bedding
Dark Clouds
Not Knowing Me
And What of Those Arbors

From A Poem at the Right Moment, 38
Music and Poetry

Kālidāsa, 40
The Curse Upon Me
Looking at Well-Crafted Objects
Death Poem
Absorbed Night and Day

Hastipaka, 52
Rain Slants Steadily

Bhartṛhari, 56
Her Quick Eyes
In a Mansion
Grieve, Brother!

Yogeśvara, 64
They Seize One’s Heart
Hard Rain
The Tribesmen Dispatch

Rājaśekhara, 70
Slim-Waisted Friend

Śīlābhaṭṭārikā, 72
Nights of Jasmine and Thunder
You, My Messenger

Bhavabhūti, 78
Through the Whole Night
Critics Scoff

Dharmakīrti, 82
A Snatch of Dream
No One Visible

From A Poem at the Right Moment, 86
Day by Day Goes Past

Bhāvadevī, 88
Those First Days

Vikaṭanitambā, 90
My Lover
You Ignored

Caṇḍaka, 94
Krishna Went Out to Play

Jaghanacapalā, 98
Rainy Nights

From Hemacandra’s Grammar, 100
If He and I

Jayadeva: From the Gīta-Govinda, 102
Clouds Thicken the Sky
Jayadeva, Chief Poet on Pilgrimage
Krishna Roamed the Forest
Radha Speaks
Krishna Speaks
Radha’s Messenger Speaks
She Ornaments Her Limbs
Let the Old Doubts Go
Reckless, Inflamed, She Presses Forth
Reader, Open Your Heart
On My Breast Draw a Leaf

Further Thoughts on the Gīta-Govinda, 126

Bibliography, 130