Manoa, vol. 19, no. 2 (2007): Maps of Reconciliation

Maps of Reconciliation coverPresented by Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

Maps of Reconciliation: Literature and the Ethical Imagination

Edited by Frank Stewart and Barry Lopez

In this collection, the editors turn to some of the world’s most thoughtful authors — in fiction, essay, poetry, drama, and parable — to ask important questions about the future, to give us moral direction, individual courage, and a map toward reconciliation. In many voices and dialects, they urge us to be attentive and compassionate — somehow, as guest editor Barry Lopez writes, to bring hope to bear on the things that confound us. “We start with our instinct for reconciliation, to address the war in the self, the war in the kitchen, the war in Sudan.”

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Editors’ Note, vii


The Ice Is Melting in the North, 1
Oren Lyons


Wonderwerk, 13
Julia Martin

Wandering Souls, 108
Wayne Karlin

In Memoriam, 162
Alberto Manguel


The Leadership Imperative: An Interview with Oren Lyons, 4
Barry Lopez


A Wandering Estonian, 50
Kazuko Shiraishi

Two Poems, 105
Ann Hunkins

Letters of Farewell, 138
Chris Merrill

Meditation #7: Prayer for Peace, 214
Luis H. Francia


Eyes of the Heart, 61
Catherine Filloux


The Crow, 36
Yan Lianke

The Return, 52
Tony Birch

The Homecoming of an Old Beijing Man, 146
Wang Ping

India, 167
Prafulla Roy

The Tamyrs: A Tale of Two Peoples, 215
Galsan Tschinag


Honokahua, 24
Franco Salmoiraghi

‘Onipa‘a, 126
Franco Salmoiraghi

Ho‘oku‘ikahi: To Unify As One, 190
Franco Salmoiraghi

About the Contributors, 222