Manoa, vol. 18, no. 2 (2006): Where the Rivers Meet

Where the Rivers Meet cover imagePresented by Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

Where the Rivers Meet

Where the Rivers Meet is a remarkable collection of new fiction, essays, and poetry from Australia, a complex society and a country with a multilayered history. Among Australia’s many resources is a large community of outstanding writers that includes a growing number of novelists, poets, and essayists of Indigenous descent. Their stories—many of them previously untold in literature—deepen and expand our understanding of the experiences that make up Australia’s past and present.

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Editor’s Note, vii


The Rivers of Babylon, 1
Deborah Bird Rose

Walk My Country, 7
Robyn Davidson

Not Quite White in the Head, 23
Melissa Lucashenko

On the Edge, 61
Ashley Hay

How’s Your Day Been?, 126
Don Watson


The Bulldozer, 33
Tony Birch

from Home, 45
Larissa Behrendt

The Bullock Run, 68
Roger McDonald

Republic of Love, 100
Delia Falconer

from Swallow the Air, 106
Tara June Winch

from Benang, 112
Kim Scott

from Bitin’ Back, 131
Vivienne Cleven

from Earth, 145
Bruce Pascoe

from Carpentaria, 167
Alexis Wright


Three Poems, 18
Samuel Wagan Watson

Two Poems, 21
John Mateer

Three Poems, 40
Kevin Hart

Two Poems, 43
John Jenkins

Three Poems, 56
Louise Crisp

Two Poems, 58
Adrienne Eberhard

Suddenly, Trees, 96
Martin Harrison

Four Poems, 98
Luke Davies

Inlet, 105
Judith Beveridge

Four Poems, 121
David Malouf

Three Poems, 141
Louise Oxley

Coogee, 161
Stephen Edgar

Among the Mountains of Guang-Xi Province, in Southern China, 163
Robert Gray

Two Poems, 165
Mark Tredinnick

About the Contributors, 179