Manoa, vol. 16, no. 1 (2004): In the Shadow of Angkor

In the Shadow of Angkor cover imagePresented by Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

In the Shadow of Angkor

Published twenty-five years after the defeat of the Khmer Rouge regime, In the Shadow of Angkor captures the resurgence of the Cambodian arts community and its efforts to restore a rich literary heritage. In many of the works, the artists defy the decimation of their brothers and sisters by the Khmer Rouge, as well the attempt to erase Cambodia’s memory of its history. The range of expression is impressive: the volume includes poetry, short story, film, rap lyrics, and essays, plus interviews with authors and a portfolio of photographs of Cambodia.

Guest-edited by Sharon May and featuring photographs by Richard Murai.

Editor’s Note, ix




The Diabolic Sweetness of Pol Pot, 21
Soth Polin

In the Shadow of Angkor: A Search for Cambodian Literature, 27
Sharon May

from Journey into Light, 65
Ranachith Ronnie Yimsut

The Dinner Guests, 103
Putsata Reang

The Perpetrator, the Victim, and the Witness, 137
Alex Hinton

Ten Gems on a Thread, 177
Catherine Filloux

Crossing the Killing Fields, 201
Min Keth Or

To Rule the Universe, 209
Maha Ghosananda


Communicate, They Say, 1
Soth Polin

The Origin of the Kounlok Bird, 36
Traditional Folktale

Sokha and Apopeal, 41
Darina Siv

The Accused, 55
Khun Srun

Ghouls, Ghosts, and Other Infernal Creatures, 60
Chuth Khay

I Hate the Word and the Letter t [Ta], 90
Khun Srun

Love on Cowback, 92
Hak Chhay Hok

Workman, 99
Keir Saramak

A Mysterious Passenger, 128
Kong Bunchhoeun

Caged Bird Will Fly, 155
Pollie Bith


Beyond Words: Soth Polin, 9
Sharon May

Surviving the Peace: Loung Ung, 49
Sharon May

Art of faCt: praCh, 73
Sharon May

Words from the Fire: Three Cambodian Women Writers, 169
Sharon May

Ambassador of the Silent World: U Sam Oeur, 189
Sharon May


Bophana: A Cambodian Tragedy, 108
Rithy Panh


Three Rap Lyrics from Dalama, 83

Four Poems, 195
U Sam Oeur

About the Contributors, 211

Permissions and Acknowledgments, 216