Manoa, vol. 14, no. 2 (2002): Century of the Tiger

Century of the Tiger cover imageSpecial Issue: One Hundred Years of Korean Culture in America

Presented by Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

Century of the Tiger commemorates one hundred years of Korean culture in America with writing by some of the best and most eloquent Korean authors in Korea and America, past and present. Guest-edited by Heinz Insu Fenkl and Jenny Ryun Foster.

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A Note on Spelling
About the Korean Centennial Foundation


Rock, Pine Tree, Willow Bough, 8

CHAPTER ONE: Land of Morning Calm

Edward J. Shultz
Korean History: An Introduction, 14

Younghill Kang
The Valley of Utopia and Doomsday, from The Grass Roof, 17

CHAPTER TWO: Sailing to the Garden of Mugunghwa

Esther Kwon Arinaga
The First Wave Pioneers: An Introduction, 30

Younghill Kang
East Goes West, from East Goes West, 33

Morris Pang
Aboji’s Story: An Interview with My Father, 44

Mary Paik Lee
Oahu and Riverside, from Quiet Odyssey, 49


Esther Kwon Arinaga
The Struggle for Independence: An Introduction, 59

K. Connie Kang
The Resistance, from Home Was the Land of Morning Calm, 60

Kim Ronyoung
Haesu, from Clay Walls, 65

Margaret K. Pai
The Tragic Split, from The Dreams of Two Yi-min, 77

Richard E. Kim
Lost Names, from Lost Names, 85

CHAPTER FOUR: War and Liberation

Michael E. Macmillan
Koreans in Wartime Hawai‘i: An Introduction, 100

Kim Ronyoung
Faye, from Clay Walls, 105

Margaret K. Pai
Poinciana, from The Dreams of Two Yi-min, 115

Gary Pak
Rebirth, 123

K. Connie Kang
Escaping the Oncoming Communists, from Home Was the Land of Morning Calm, 133

Chris McKinney
The Death of Kwang Ja, from The Queen of Tears, 139

CHAPTER FIVE: New Arrivals in a Changed America

Jenny Ryun Foster
Once Upon a Time in America: An Introduction, 156

Heinz Insu Fenkl
One Big Word, from Skull Water, 159

Caroline Jeong-Mee Kim
Magdalena, 171

Chang-Rae Lee
Coming Home Again, 187

June Unjoo Yang
Compassion, 197

Ha-Yun Jung
Home Spheres, 215

Don Lee
The Lone Night Cantina, 233

Editors’ Note
Celebrating the Tiger, 247

Contributors and Acknowledgments

Also includes

Poetry by:
Ho Nansorhon
Ch‘oe Ch‘i-won
Ok-Koo Kang Grosjean
Kim Sowol
Yi Sang-hwa
Sim Hun
Walter K. Lew
Ishle Yi Park
Sue Kwock Kim
Naomi Long

Photographs by:
Tom Haar
Nomi Long

Artwork by:
Jinja Kim
Sandra Sunnyo Lee
Diane Chongmin Kim
Ezekiel Chihye Hwang
Grace Kim
Kloe Sookhee Kang
Chang-Jin Lee
Karen Hong
Mary Long

Calligraphy by:
Yoo Younghee
Min Seungkee
Lee Juhyung
Cho Yongsun
Son Insik
Yoo Kyungsik
Kim Jinhee
Lee Eunhyuk
Kwon Changryun
Jung Hyunsik