Manoa, vol. 13, no. 1 (2001): Silence to Light

Silence to Light cover imagePresented by Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

Silence to Light: Japan and the Shadows of War

New writing from Japan

Guest-edited by Leza Lowitz

Editor’s Note, vii



Belated Eulogy: A Family Album, 22
Shuzo Uemoto

The Canary That Forgot Its Song, 36
Ishii Shinpei

A Lifetime of Images: The War Years in Japan, 103
Francis and Irene Haar

from Japan Journals, 109
Donald Richie

In My Absence, 152
Lisa Ottiger


Last Letters, 120
Kamikaze Pilots

Testimonials, 142
Himeyuri Student Nurses

Fifty Years of Silence, 176
Three Taiwanese Women


Echoes, 1
Hayashi Kyoko

Peonies, 51
Mishima Yukio

The Death of the Cat, 55
Gladys Swan

December 8, 74
Dazai Osamu

from Fire Horse Woman, 83
Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston

Aftermath, 94
Mary Yukari Waters

Pulling My Leg, 116
Kijima Hajime

The Man Who Sold Braces, 189
Yoko Ogawa

Film Script

Hiroshima through Light, 180
Ogata Keiichi


from Barefoot Gen, 124
Keiji Nakazawa


Four Thousand Days and Nights, 11
Tamura Ryuichi

Lukouchiao, 13
Uda Rei

from Requiem, 16
Ishigaki Choko

Birthmark, 19
Sagawa Aki

Half a Century, 164
Sone Yoshi

Three Poems, 165
Ayukawa Nobuo

Six Poems, 170
Ko Un

Reviews (bottom section of page), 201

About the Contributors, 212