Manoa, vol. 12, no. 2 (2000): Song of the Snow Lion

Song of the Snow Lion cover imagePresented by Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

Song of the Snow Lion: New Writing from Tibet

Guest-edited by Tsering Shakya and Herbert J. Batt

Song of the Snow Lion features new fiction, poetry, and essays from Tibet. Since China’s invasion of their country in 1950 and the suffering brought about by the Cultural Revolution, Tibetans have struggled to prevent their ancient culture and country from disappearing. At the same time, many Tibetans recognize that modernization in some form must come. Out of such difficult political conditions and cultural paradoxes, Tibetan authors have developed a literature that, despite Chinese censorship, explores the pressing questions facing their country today.

Editor’s Note


The Waterfall and Fragrant Flowers, 28
Tsering Shakya

Facing the Village, 68
Lenore Look

Two Essays, 79
Virgil Suarez

Your Birth Day, 121
Palden Gyal


Chimi, the Free Man, 1
Tashi Dawa

Journal of the Grassland, 19
Yangtso Kyi

Get the Boat Here, 42

The Thief of Tay Ninh, 49
Kevin Bowen

The Shard, the Tissue, an Affair, 64
Andrew Lam

An Old Nun Tells Her Story, 83

The Glory of the Wind Horse, 96
Tashi Dawa

Room 218, Hurrah!, 125

A God without Gender, 134

Tomorrow’s Weather Will Be Better, 152
Tashi Pelden

Evidence, 165
Olen Steinhauer


Waterfall of Youth, 9
Dhondup Gyal

Tears of Regret Flow Uncontrollably, 14
Lhagyal Tshering

Snow Mountain Tears, 16

Three Poems, 57
Xue Di

Three Poems, 60
Sarah Lindsay

Two Poems, 62
Bill Tremblay

Two Poems, 115
Ju Kalzang

Two Poems, 118

Three Poems, 144

Two Poems, 150
Yidam Tsering

from The Lightning Field, 162
Carol Moldaw

Reviews, 177

About the Contributors, 185