Korean Studies, vol. 41 (2017)

Map of Koryŏ dynasty, from Koryŏ: An Introduction in this issue.

This year’s issue of Korean Studies includes a special section focusing on the middle kingdom Koryŏ.

Koryŏ, Korea’s middle kingdom in that it is lodged between Silla and Chosŏn, is the least studied era of Korea’s history. And yet it offers intriguing insights into Korea’s long tradition as the Koryŏ state participated actively in international events while at the same time building internal institutions in response to its own unique experiences. The collection of papers that follows introduces both these international and domestic themes, providing a nuanced understanding of both Koryŏ and Korea.

–Edward J. Shultz, Koryŏ: An Introduction

Special section

Timeline of Koryŏ dynasty in its chronological context from Koryŏ: An Introduction in this issue.

Koryŏ: An Introduction
Edward J. Shultz

Early Koryŏ Political Institutions and the International Expansion of Tang and Song Institutions
Jae Woo Park (Pak Chaeu)

Interstate Relations in East Asia and Medical Exchanges in the Late Eleventh Century and Early Twelfth Century
Oongseok Chai (Ungso˘k Ch’ae)

Koryŏ ’s Trade with the Outer World
Kang Hahn Lee (Yi Kanghan)

Rethinking the Late Koryŏ in an International Context
David M. Robinson

The Management of Koryŏ : Local Administration (Kunhyŏn) and Its Operation
Yokeun Jeong (Yogun Chŏng)

Kings and Buddhism in Medieval Korea
Jongmyung Kim (Kim Chongmyŏng)

Analysis of Recently Discovered Late-Koryŏ Civil Service Examination Answer Sheets (對策文)
Hyeon-chul Do (To Hyŏnch’ŏl)

The Makeup of Koryŏ Aristocratic Families: Bilateral Kindred
Myoung-ho Ro (No Myŏngho)

The Characteristics and Origins of Koryŏ ’s Pluralist Society
Jong-ki Park (Pak Chonggi)


Informal Empire: The Origins of the U.S.–ROK Alliance and the 1953 Mutual Defense Treaty Negotiations
Victor D. Cha

Korean Han and the Postcolonial Afterlives of ‘‘The Beauty of Sorrow’’
Sandra So Hee Chi Kim


Wayne Patterson, In the Service of His Korean Majesty: William Nelson Lovatt, the Pusan Customs, and Sino-Korean Relations, 1876–1888
reviewed by Daniel C. Kane

Youngmin Choe, Tourist Distractions: Traveling and Feeling in Transnational Hallyu Cinema
reviewed by Dal Yong Jin

Emma Campbell, South Korea’s New Nationalism: The End of ‘‘One Korea’’?
reviewed by Jaehoon Bae

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