Cross-Currents, Vol. 8, No. 2 (2019)

Rebuilt “Jarung khashar” stupa of Khejenge Monastery, Kizhinga, Buryatia, featured in “The Cult of Boudhanath Stupa/Jarung Khashar Suvraga in Mongolia” by Isabelle Charleux this issue. Photo by Ekaterina Sundueva.

This issue of Cross-Currents includes two special sections, “Buddhist Art of Mongolia: Cross-Cultural Connections, Discoveries, and Interpretations” edited by Uranchimeg Tsultemin, and “Beyond Comparison: Japan and Its Colonial Empire in Transimperial Relations” edited by Satoshi Mizutani.

Buddhist Art of Mongolia

Uranchimeg Tsultemin

Buddhist Archeology in Mongolia: Zanabazar and the Géluk Diaspora beyond Tibet
Uranchimeg Tsultemin

In Search of the Khutugtu’s Monastery: The Site and Its Heritage
Sampildondovin Chuluun

Visualizing the Non-Buddhist Other: A Historical Analysis of the Shambhala Myth in Mongolia at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Karénina Kollmar-Paulenz

The Interplay between Text and Image: The Molon Toyin’s Tale
Vesna A. Wallace

The Cult of Boudhanath Stupa/Jarung Khashar Suvraga in Mongolia: Texts, Images, and Architectural Replicas
Isabelle Charleux

Beyond Comparison: Japan and Its Colonial Empire in Transimperial Relations

Satoshi Mizutani

Transimperial Genealogies of Korea as a Protectorate: The Egypt Model in Japan’s Politics of Colonial Comparison
Satoshi Mizutani

School Politics in the Borderlands and Colonies of Imperial Germany: A Japanese Colonial Perspective, ca. 1900–1925
Akiyoshi Nishiyama

The French Colonization and Japanese Occupation of Indochina during the Second World War: Encounters of the French, Japanese, and Vietnamese
Chizuru Namba

Comparisons and Deflections: Indian Nationalists in the Political Economy of Japanese Imperialism, 1931–1938
Aaron Peters

Individual Articles

Specters of Dependency: Hou Yuon and the Origins of Cambodia’s Marxist Vision (1955–1975)
Matthew Galway

Homeless in the Fatherland: Xiao Hong’s Migrant Geographies
Clara Iwasaki

Imagining Female Heroism: Three Tales of the Female Knight-Errant in Republican China
Iris Ma

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