CRI to Go Quarterly, All-digital in 2009

After many years of running far behind schedule, China Review International (CRI) will make radical changes in the manner and frequency in which it delivers reviews. The founding goals of CRI were to review a wide range of international scholarly literature in Chinese studies, and to do so in a timely manner.

In an effort to improve timeliness, CRI will publish smaller batches of reviews at quarterly intervals and deliver them digitally to all but a few subscribers who will have to pay an extra premium for the print edition. Subscribers who have already renewed will not be charged the extra fees until their next renewal cycle.

Starting from volume 15 (for 2008, currently in production a year behind schedule), CRI will appear in three editions.

  • Online edition – All current institutional subscribers are urged to switch to the digital edition of CRI hosted by Project MUSE. Contact Project MUSE for 2009 pricing.
  • Email edition – Subscribers who provide their email addresses to UHP Journals will receive each issue in PDF format. This will include review contributors and others who receive complimentary copies. Pricing for email delivery during 2009 will remain $50 for institutions and $30 for individuals.
  • Print edition – Subscribers who absolutely require delivery in print will be served by very shortrun digital printing. Pricing for the print edition will rise to $80 for 2009. Contact UHP Journals to request this option.

The UH Press wishes to express its gratitude to CRI reviewers and subscribers for their continuing patience and support. We hope these change will serve the CRI community better in the years to come.