China Review International, vol. 7, no. 1 (2000)

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Tang Tsou (1918–1999)
By Vincent Kelly Pollard, 1


Ruth Cherrington, Deng’s Generation: Young Intellectuals in 1980s China; Bruce Gilley, Tiger on the Brink: Jiang Zemin and China’s New Elite; Willy Wo-Lap Lam, The Era of Jiang Zemin
Reviewed by Peter Baehr, 7

Christoph Harbsmeier, Logic and Language. Volume 7, Part 1, of Science and Civilisation in China
Reviewed by Lisa Raphals, 18

The Chinese Community in French Polynesia: Scholarly Sources of Understanding
By Margaret E. Burns, 28

Barend J. ter Haar, Ritual and Mythology of the Chinese Triads: Creating an Identity Reviewed by Dian H. Murray, 36

C. X. George Wei, Sino-American Economic Relations, 1944–1949; John W. Garver, The Sino-American Alliance: Nationalist China and American Cold War Strategy in Asia
Reviewed by Pingchao Zhu, 45


Claude Auroi and Jean-Luc Maurer, editors, Tradition et modernisation des économies rurales: Asie–Afrique–Amérique latine: Mélanges en l’honneur de Gilbert Etienne
Reviewed by Sylvain Plasschaert, 53

Bai Xi, Jixia xue yanjiu: Zhongguo gudai de sixiang ziyou yu baijia zhengming (A study of Jixia academic thought: Freedom of thought in ancient China and the fighting of the hundred schools)
Reviewed by Wolfgang Schwabe, 55

Joseph Y. S. Cheng, editor, China in the Post-Deng Era
Reviewed by Alvin Y. So, 58

Peter T. Y. Cheung, Jae Ho Chung, and Zimin Lin, editors, Provincial Strategies of Economic Reform in Post-Mao China: Leadership, Politics, and Implementation
Reviewed by Reginald Yin-Wang Kwok, 62

Flemming Christiansen and Zhang Junzuo, editors, Village Inc.: Chinese Rural Society in the 1990s
Reviewed by Gregory Veeck, 67

Ralph N. Clough, Cooperation or Conflict in the Taiwan Strait?
Reviewed by Martin L. Lasater, 71

Frank Dikotter, Imperfect Conceptions: Medical Knowledge, Birth Defects and Eugenics in China
Reviewed by Laurence Schneider, 73

Stephen Eskildsen, Asceticism in Early Taoist Religion
Reviewed by Michael LaFargue, 77

Secondino Gatta, Il natural lume de Cinesi: Teoria a prassi dell’evangelizzazione nella Breve relatione di Philippe Couplet S. J. (1623–1693)
Reviewed by Noël Golvers, 81

Jacques Gernet, Buddhism in Chinese Society: An Economic History from the Fifth to the Tenth Centuries
Reviewed by Grant Hardy, 85

Robert E. Hegel, Reading Illustrated Fiction in Late Imperial China
Reviewed by Craig Clunas, 90

Hong Ying, Daughter of the River; Hong Ying, Summer of Betrayal
Reviewed by Richard King, 94

Lai Chi-tim, editor, Daojiao yu minjian zongjiao yanjiu lunji (Essays on the studies of the relationship between Daoism and Chinese popular religion)
Reviewed by David C. Yu, 97

Wendy Larson, Women and Writing in Modern China
Reviewed by Gail Hershatter, 106

D. C. Lau and Roger T. Ames, translators, Yuan Dao: Tracing Dao to Its Source
Reviewed by Scott Cook, 110

Ching Kwan Lee, Gender and the South China Miracle: Two Worlds of Factory Women Reviewed by Nicole Constable, 114

James Z. Lee and Cameron D. Campbell, Fate and Fortune in Rural China: Social Organization and Population Behavior in Liaoning 1774–1873
Reviewed by Norma Diamond, 117

Beatrice Leung and Joseph Cheng, editors, Hong Kong SAR: In Pursuit of Domestic and International Order
Reviewed by Charles Burton, 120

Sally Taylor Lieberman, The Mother and Narrative Politics in Modern China
Reviewed by Yingjin Zhang, 122

George C. S. Lin, Red Capitalism in South China: Growth and Development of the Pearl River Delta
Reviewed by C. P. Lo, 127

Ding Lu and Zhimin Tang, State Intervention and Business in China: The Role of Preferential Policies
Reviewed by Eun Kyong Choi, 130

Sheldon Hsiao-peng Lu, editor, Transnational Chinese Cinemas: Identity, Nationhood, Gender; George S. Semsel, Chen Xihe, and Xia Hong, editors, Film in Contemporary China: Critical Debates, 1979–1989
Reviewed by Paul Clark, 132

Stanley Lubman, Bird in a Cage: Legal Reform in China after Mao
Reviewed by Randall Peerenboom, 135

Stephen K. Ma, Administrative Reform in Post-Mao China: Efficiency or Ethics
Reviewed by Thomas Scharping, 141

Keith Maguire, The Rise of Modern Taiwan
Reviewed by Cal Clark, 144

Roman Malek, editor, Hongkong: Kirche und Gesellschaft im Übergang: Materialien und Dokumente (Hong Kong: Church and society in transition: Materials and documents)
Reviewed by Jost Zetzsche, 146

Roman Malek, editor, Western Learning and Christianity in China: The Contribution and Impact of Johann Adam Schall von Bell, S.J. (1592–1666)
Reviewed by Mary Tiles, 149

Robert B. Marks, Tigers, Rice, Silk, and Silt: Environment and Economy in Late Imperial South China
Reviewed by Wing-kai To, 152

Sucheta Mazumdar, Sugar and Society in China: Peasants, Technology, and the World Market
Reviewed by Francesca Bray, 155

Anne E. McLaren, Chinese Popular Culture and Ming Chantefables
Reviewed by Liangyan Ge, 161

James A. Millward, Beyond the Pass: Economy, Ethnicity, and Empire in Qing Central Asia, 1759–1864
Reviewed by Dorothy V. Borei, 163

Donald J. Munro, The Imperial Style of Inquiry in Twentieth-Century China: The Emergence of New Approaches
Reviewed by Andrew Wells-Dang, 166

William H. Nienhauser, Jr., editor and compiler, The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature, Volume 2
Reviewed by Daniel Bryant, 170

David Pollard, editor, Translation and Creation: Readings of Western Literature in Early Modern China, 1840–1918
Reviewed by Natascha Vittinghoff-Gentz, 195

Lisa Raphals, Sharing the Light: Representations of Women and Virtue in Early China Reviewed by Francesca Bray, 198

Evelyn S. Rawski, The Last Emperors: A Social History of Qing Imperial Institutions Reviewed by Jane Kate Leonard, 201

James F. Rinehart, Revolution and the Millennium: China, Mexico, and Iran
Reviewed by Ranbir Vohra, 205

Robert S. Ross, editor, After the Cold War: Domestic Factors and U.S.-China Relations Reviewed by Judith Kornberg, 210

Murray A. Rubinstein, editor, Taiwan: A New History
Reviewed by John F. Copper, 214

Axel Schneider, Wahrheit und Geschichte: Zwei chinesische Historiker auf der Suche nach einer modernen Identität für China
Reviewed by Thomas Fröhlich, 216

Valerie Steele and John S. Major, China Chic: East Meets West
Reviewed by Mary Ellen Conway-DesJarlais, 221

Robert G. Sutter, U.S. Policy Toward China: An Introduction to the Role of Interest Groups Reviewed by John F. Copper, 224

Tan Liok Ee, The Politics of Chinese Education in Malaya, 1945–1961
Reviewed by C. Montgomery Broaded, 226

Fei-ling Wang, Institutions and Institutional Change in China: Premodernity and Modernization
Reviewed by Pei Huang, 230

Ya Ping Wang and Alan Murie, Housing Policy and Practice in China
Reviewed by Peter Nan-shong Lee, 233

Endymion Wilkinson, Chinese History: A Manual
Reviewed by Ronald Suleski, 240

Fusheng Wu, The Poetics of Decadence: Chinese Poetry of the Southern Dynasties and Late Tang Periods
Reviewed by Richard B. Mather, 243

Lanxin Xiang, Mao’s Generals: Chen Yi and the New Fourth Army
Reviewed by Peter O. Hefron, 248

Lily Xiao, Hong Lee, and A. D. Stefanowska, editors, Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women: The Qing Period, 1644–1911
Reviewed by Judith T. Zeitlin, 252

Jianfei Xin, Mao Zedong’s World View
Reviewed by Lawrence C. Reardon, 257

Yang Xin, Richard M. Barnhart, and others, Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting Reviewed by Alfonz Lengyel, 260

Wen-hsin Yeh, editor, Landscape, Culture, and Power in Chinese Society
Reviewed by Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt, 270

Judy Yung, Unbound Feet: A Social History of Chinese Women in San Francisco
Reviewed by Ming-Bao Yue, 274

Zhang Henshui, Shanghai Express: A Thirties Novel (Ping Hu tongche)
Translated by William A. Lyell
Reviewed by Helena Heroldová, 278

Zhu Xiao Di, Thirty Years in a Red House: A Memoir of Childhood and Youth in Communist China
Reviewed by Richard King, 281

Angela Zito, Of Body and Brush: Grand Sacrifice as Text/Performance in Eighteenth Century China
Reviewed by Richard Smith, 283