China Review International, vol. 3, no. 1 (1996)

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Mao Matters: A Review Essay (David E. Apter and Tony Saich, Revolutionary Discourse in Mao’s Republic; and Li Zhisui, The Private Life of Chairman Mao: The Memoirs of Mao’s Personal Physician Dr. Li Zhisui), pp. 1-21
Reviewed by Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom

Manuel D. Lopez, Chinese Drama: An Annotated Bibliography of Commentary, Criticism, and Plays in English Translation, pp. 22-33
Reviewed by Elizabeth Wichmann

Chinese Calligraphy (Tseng Yuho, A History of Chinese Calligraphy [Shu hsüeh]; Jean François Billeter, The Chinese Art of Writing; and Leon Long-yien Chang and Peter Miller, Four Thousand Years of Chinese Calligraphy [Chung-hua shu tao]), pp. 33-66
Reviewed by Marilyn Wong Gleysteen

Reassessing the Starting Point of the Cultural Revolution, pp. 66-86
By Hao Ping


Joel D. Aberbach, David Dollar, and Kenneth L. Sokoloff, editors, The Role of the State in Taiwan’s Development, p. 87
Reviewed by Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao

John S. Barlow, A Chinese-Russian-English Dictionary Arranged by the Rosenberg Graphical System (Mudrov’s Chinese-Russian Dictionary with an English Text and Appendices), p. 89
Reviewed by John DeFrancis

Kathryn Bernhardt and Philip C. C. Huang, editors, Civil Law in Qing and Republican China, p. 93
Reviewed by Brian McKnight

Frederick P. Brandauer and Chün-chieh Huang, Imperial Rulership and Cultural Change in Traditional China, p. 98
Reviewed by Jennifer W. Jay

Timothy Brook, Praying for Power: Buddhism and the Formation of Gentry Society in Late-Ming China, p. 100
Reviewed by Chün-fang Yü

Ole Bruun, Business and Bureaucracy in a Chinese City: An Ethnography of Private Business Households in Contemporary China, p. 112
Reviewed by Eric Harwit

Craig Calhoun, Neither Gods nor Emperors: Students and the Struggle for Democracy in China, p. 114
Reviewed by Timothy Brook

Theresa C. Carino and Aileen S. P. Baviera, editors, Black Cat, White Cat: An Inside View of Reform and Revolution in China, p. 118
Reviewed by Daojiong Zha

Hungdah Chiu, editor, Chinese Yearbook of International Law and Affairs, Volume 12 (1992-1994), p. 119
Reviewed by Frankie Fook-lun Leung

Arthur W. Chung, M.D., Of Rats, Sparrows and Flies . . .: A Lifetime in China, p. 121
Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo

Jiwei Ci, Dialectic of the Chinese Revolution: From Utopianism to Hedonism, p. 259
Reviewed by Roger V. Des Forges

Nicole Constable, Christian Souls and Chinese Spirits: A Hakka Community in Hong Kong, p. 124
Reviewed by Jessie G. Lutz

Dai Qing, Wang Shiwei and “Wild Lilies”: Rectification and Purges in the Chinese Communist Party, 1942-1944, p. 127
Reviewed by Margaret B. Denning

X. L. Ding, The Decline of Communism in China: Legitimacy Crisis, 1977-1989, p. 130
Reviewed by Steven J. Hood

Ting Gong, The Politics of Corruption in Contemporary China: An Analysis of Policy Outcomes, p. 132
Reviewed by Brewer S. Stone

Edward Gulick, Teaching in Wartime China: A Photo-Memoir, 1937-1939, p. 135
Reviewed by Victor Kobayashi

Stevan Harrell, editor, Cultural Encounters on China’s Ethnic Frontiers, p. 138
Reviewed by Louisa Schein

Michel Hockx, A Snowy Morning: Eight Chinese Poets on the Road to Modernity, p. 142
Reviewed by Gloria Bien

Charles Holcombe, In the Shadow of the Han: Literati Thought and Society at the Beginning of the Southern Dynasties, p. 145
Reviewed by Peter Nickerson

Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler, The Chinese American Family Album, p. 151
Reviewed by Gregory Yee Mark

Germaine A. Hoston, The State, Identity, and the National Question in China and Japan, p. 153
Reviewed by Elisabeth Eide

Ellen R. Judd, Gender and Power in Rural North China, p. 156
Reviewed by Norma Diamond

François Jullien, Le détour et l’accès: Stratégies du sens en Chine, en Grèce, p. 160
Reviewed by Jean-Paul Reding

Barry C. Keenan, Imperial China’s Last Classical Academies: Social Change in the Lower Yangzi, 1864-1911, p. 169
Reviewed by Xiaoqing C. Lin

Michael LaFargue, Tao and Method: A Reasoned Approach to the Tao Te Ching, p. 172
Reviewed by John Allen Tucker

Martin L. Lasater, The Changing of the Guard: President Clinton and the Security of Taiwan, p. 181
Reviewed by Leonard H. D. Gordon

Hessler Lee, compiler, Profile of China’s Markets: Complete Market Data on Spending Patterns of 1.1 Billion Consumers in China, p. 185
Reviewed by Charles Fuller

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Writings on China, p. 187
Reviewed by Daniel Coyle

Frankie Fook-lun Leung, Tance Xianggang Guodu qianhou (Exploring Hong Kong’s return to China), p. 195
Reviewed by James Tong

Frankie Fook-lun Leung, Jiuqiu hou Zhonggang di xin mianmao (The new face of China: Hong Kong after 1997), p. 195
Reviewed by James Tong

Eugene William Levich, The Kwangsi Way in Kuomintang China, 1931-1939, p. 190
Reviewed by Steven I. Levine

Lincoln Li, Student Nationalism in China, 1924-1949, p. 190
Reviewed by Steven I. Levine

Lin Hai-yin, Memories of Peking: South Side Stories, p. 197
Reviewed by Sarah Wei-ming Chen

Roderick MacFarquhar, editor, The Politics of China, 1949-1989, p. 204
Reviewed by Peter O. Hefron

Maynard Mack, general editor, The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces, expanded edition, p. 208
Reviewed by H. R. Lan

Richard Madsen, China and the American Dream: A Moral Inquiry, p. 213
Reviewed by Peggy Spitzer Christoff

Edward A. McCord, The Power of the Gun: The Emergence of Modern Chinese Warlordism, p. 190
Reviewed by Steven I. Levine

David R. McCraw, Du Fu’s Laments from the South, p. 216
Reviewed by Yang Ye

Keith McMahon, Misers, Shrews, and Polygamists: Sexuality and Male-Female Relations in Eighteenth-Century Chinese Fiction, p. 222
Reviewed by Maram Epstein

Donald H. McMillen and Man Si-wai, editors, The Other Hong Kong Report 1994, p. 226
Reviewed by Alvin Y. So

John Meskill, Gentlemanly Interests and Wealth on the Yangzi Delta, p. 229
Reviewed by John Lee

Lucien Miller, editor, South of the Clouds: Tales from Yunnan, p. 231
Reviewed by Karen Gernant

Ng Yu-Kwan, T’ien-t’ai Buddhism and Early Mâdhyamika, p. 234
Reviewed by John Dye

Minxin Pei, From Reform to Revolution: The Demise of Communism in China and the Soviet Union, p. 237
Reviewed by Constance Meaney

Robin Porter, Industrial Reformers in Republican China, p. 242
Reviewed by Steven M. Dawson

Kenneth Pomeranz, The Making of a Hinterland: State, Society, and Economy in Inland North China, 1853-1937, p. 244
Reviewed by Roger V. Des Forges

Jonathan Reuvid, editor, Doing Business with China, p. 248
Reviewed by Eric Harwit

Thomas W. Robinson and David Shambaugh, editors, Chinese Foreign Policy: Theory and Practice, p. 251
Reviewed by Judith F. Kornberg

Robert S. Ross, Negotiating Cooperation: The United States and China, 1969-1989, p. 255
Reviewed by Peter W. Colm

Tony Saich and Hans van de Ven, editors, New Perspectives on the Chinese Communist Revolution, p. 259
Reviewed by Roger V. Des Forges

David Shambaugh, editor, American Studies of Contemporary China, p. 265
Reviewed by Gaye Christoffersen

Ronald Skeldon, editor, Reluctant Exiles? Migration from Hong Kong and the New Overseas Chinese, p. 267
Reviewed by Franklin Ng

Georges Soulié de Morant, Chinese Acupuncture (L’Acuponcture Chinoise), p. 269
Reviewed by Volker G. Scheid

Barend ter Haar, The White Lotus Teachings in Chinese Religious History, p. 274
Reviewed by Richard Shek

Arland Thornton and Hui-Sheng Lin, Social Change and the Family in Taiwan, p. 278
Reviewed by C. Montgomery Broaded

Frederic Wakeman, Jr., Policing Shanghai, 1927-1937, p. 281
Reviewed by Hanchao Lu

Marsha Weidner, editor, Latter Days of the Law: Images of Chinese Buddhism, 850-1850, p. 288
Reviewed by Sarah E. Fraser

Odoric Y. K. Wou, Mobilizing the Masses: Building Revolution in Henan, p. 190
Reviewed by Steven I. Levine

Wu Dingbo and Patrick D. Murphy, editors, Handbook of Chinese Popular Culture, p. 293
Reviewed by Zhiwei Xiao

Mayfair Mei-hui Yang, Gifts, Favors, and Banquets: The Art of Social Relationships in China, p. 295
Reviewed by Wang Feng

Claudio Zanier, Where the Roads Met: East and West in the Silk Production Process (17th to 19th Century), p. 298
Reviewed by Michael R. Drompp

Henry Y. H. Zhao and John Cayley, Under Sky under Ground: Chinese Writing Today, Volume 1, p. 300
Reviewed by Laifong Leung

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