China Review International, vol. 20, no. 1-2 (2013)

Early Chinese Political Thought as Conversation
Eirik Lang Harris, 1

From None but Self Expect Applause
Shiamin Kwa, 7

Viable Social Identities in a Shifting Cultural Landscape
William Jankowiak, 16

Identity Research, Conjectured Study
Grant Shen, 18

Playing the Language Game in China: On Perry Link’s: An Anatomy of Chinese: Rhythm, Metaphor, Politics
Paul G. Pickowicz, 31

To Thrive, Survive, and Prosper as an Ordinary Urbanite
William Jankowiak, 38

Jin Yuelin: Formidable, Formative Philosopher of Twentieth-Century China
Kirill Ole Thompson, 40

Manchu Archives and Studies on Frontier and Ethnic Groups in Qing Dynasty ed. by Uyunbilig
reviewed by Chia Ning, 47

Burning Money: The Material Spirit of the Chinese Life World by C. Fred Blake
reviewed by Michael Saso, 51

The Cambridge History of Chinese Literature ed. by Kang-I Sun Chang and Stephen Owen
reviewed by Giovanni Vitiello, 54

Walmart in China ed. by Anita Chan
reviewed by Maria N. DaCosta, 60

Representations of China in British Children’s Fiction, 1851–1911 by Shih-Wen Chen
reviewed by Erica Hateley, 64

Bound to Emancipate: Working Women and Urban Citizenship in Early Twentieth-Century China and Hong Kong by Angelina Chin
reviewed by Jing Jing Chang, 69

Being in the World: Dialogue and Cosmopolis by Fred Dallmayr
reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 71

The Classic of Changes in Cultural Context: A Textual Archaeology of the Yi jing by Scott Davis
reviewed by Stephen Field, 75

The Great Civilized Conversation: Education for World Community by Wm. Theodore de Bary, and: Return of the Dragon: Rising China and Regional Security by Denny Roy
reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 80

The Mozi as an Evolving Text: Different Voices in Early Chinese Thought ed. by Carine Defoort and Nicolas Standaert
reviewed by Ian Johnston, 87

Chinese Medicine and Healing: An Illustrated History ed. by T. J. Hinrichs and Linda L. Barnes
reviewed by John Welden, 92

Buying Beauty: Cosmetic Surgery in China by Wen Hua
reviewed by William Jankowiak, 94

Queer Politics and Sexual Modernity in Taiwan by Hans Tao-Ming Huang
reviewed by Howard Chiang, 97

In the Land of the Eastern Queendom: The Politics of Gender and Ethnicity on the Sino-Tibetan Border by Tenzin Jinba
reviewed by Maria Jaschok, 99

Neo-Confucian Self-Cultivation by Barry C. Keenan
reviewed by Tze-ki Hon, 103

Chinese Modernity and the Individual Psyche ed. by Andrew Kipnis
reviewed by Emily Baum, 106

Women’s Poetry of Late Imperial China: Transforming the Inner Chambers by Xiaorong Li
reviewed by Nanxiu Qian, 109

Chinese Cubans: A Transnational History by Kathleen López
reviewed by Ignacio López-Calvo, 112

Fighting for Breath: Living Morally and Dying of Cancer in a Chinese Village by Anna Lora-Wainwright
reviewed by Emily Baum, 118

Bing: From Farmer’s Son to Magistrate in Han China by Michael Loewe 
reviewed by Liang Cai, 122

A Mission under Duress: The Nanjing Massacre and Post-Massacre Social Conditions Documented by American Diplomats by Suping Lu, and: A Dark Page in History: The Nanjing Massacre and Post-Massacre Social Conditions Recorded in British Diplomatic Dispatches, Admiralty Documents, and U.S. Naval Intelligence Reports by Suping Lu
reviewed by Bob Tadashi Wakabayashi, 125

The Lahu Minority in Southwest China: A Response to Ethnic Marginalization on the Frontier by Jianxiong Ma
reviewed by Ann Maxwell Hill, 133

A Continuous Revolution: Making Sense of Cultural Revolution Culture by Barbara Mittler
reviewed by Bonnie S. McDougall, 136

Mao’s Golden Mangoes and the Cultural Revolution ed. by Alfreda Murck
reviewed by Richard King, 143

Will China Democratize? ed. by Andrew J. Nathan, Larry Diamond, and Marc F. Plattner
reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 145

China’s Search for Security by Andrew J. Nathan and Andrew Scobell
reviewed by Christopher A. Ford

Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture by Cynthia Ning and John S. Montanaro
reviewed by Chen-Hui Tsai, 158

A Comprehensive Manchu-English Dictionary by Jerry Norman
reviewed by Stephen Wadley, 162

Pattern and Person: Ornament, Society, and Self in Classical China by Martin J. Powers
reviewed by Ian M. Sullivan, 166

Tradition, Culture and Aesthetics in Contemporary Asian Cinema by Peter C. Pugsley
reviewed by Julia Keblinska, 170

China’s Sent-Down Generation: Public Administration and the Legacies of Mao’s Rustication Program by Helena K. Rene, and: The Lost Generation: The Rustication of China’s Educated Youth (1968–1980) by Michel Bonnin
reviewed by Yihong Pan, 175

The Chinese in Mexico 1882–1940 by Robert Chao Romero, and: Making the Chinese Mexican: Global Migration, Localism, and Exclusions in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands by Grace Peña Delgado, and: Chinese Mexicans: Transpacific Migration and the Search for a Homeland 1910–1960 by Julia María Schiavone Camacho
Ignacio López-Calvo, 180

Zhan Guo Qin Han shiqi de xuepai wenti yanjiu by Li Rui
reviewed by Ting-mien Lee, 192

China Goes Global: The Partial Power by David Shambaugh
reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 196

An Unfinished Republic: Leading by Word and Deed in Modern China by David Strand
reviewed by Fabio Lanza, 203

Literature the People Love: Reading Chinese Texts from the Early Maoist Period (1949–1966) by Krista Van Fleit Hang
reviewed by Bonnie S. McDougall, 206

Empire and Identity in Guizhou: Local Resistance to Qing Expansion by Jodi L. Weinstein
reviewed by Lei Duan, 208

Cinema, Space, and Polylocality in a Globalizing China by Yingjin Zhang
reviewed by Haomin Gong, 212

After Leaning to One Side: China and Its Allies in the Cold War by Shen Zhihua and Li Danhui
reviewed by Deborah Kaple, 217

Humans, Beasts, and Ghosts: Stories and Essays by Qian Zhongshu
reviewed by Eileen J. Cheng, 220

Works Received, 224