China Review International, vol. 19, no. 3 (2012)


China’s Future and Ours
Edward Friedman, 351

Paradox of Modernity: Xu Beihong’s Paintings in Twentieth-Century China
Ka F. Wong, 357

Who Is Jacquinot?: Securing His Name in History
Yu Shen, 361

Responses & Replies

Looking North, Looking South: China, Taiwan, and the South Pacific ed. by Anne-Marie Brady, and: Taiwan’s Politics in the Twenty-first Century: Changes and Challenges ed. by Wei-chin Lee, and: Politicized Society: The Long Shadow of Taiwan’s One-Party Legacy by Mikael Mattlin
Reviewed by J. Bruce Jacobs, 367

Reply to Bruce Jacobs
Mikael Mattlin, 375

Bruce Jacobs’s Response to Mattlin’s Comments
Bruce Jacobs, 379

Daoism and Anarchism: Critique of State Autonomy in Ancient and Modern China by John A. Rapp
Reviewed by Yuri Pines, 381

Reply to Yuri Pines
John A. Rapp, 387

A Rejoinder to Rapp’s Comments
Yuri Pines, 397


Miscellanea Asiatica: Mélanges en l’honneur de Françoise Aubin/Festschrift in Honour of Françoise Aubin ed. by Denise Aigle et al.
Reviewed by Marie-Paule Hille, 400

Taipei: City of Displacement by Joseph R. Allen
Reviewed by Liang-Yi Yen, 416

Travels in China by Roland Barthes
Reviewed by H. Swindall, 419

Ming Taizu (r. 1368–98) and the Foundation of the Ming Dynasty in China by Hok-lam Chan
Reviewed by Michael C. Brose, 423

Social Protest and Contentious Authoritarianism in China by Xi Chen
Reviewed by Ho-fung Hung, 429

Buddhist and Christian? An Exploration of Dual Belonging by Rose Drew
Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 431

Celebrity in China ed. by Louise Edwards and Elaine Jeffreys
Reviewed by Haiqing Yu, 442

To Pierce the Material Screen: An Anthology of 20th-Century Hong Kong Literature ed. by Eva Hung
Reviewed by Kwok Kou Leonard Chan, 447

Ancient Metalwork from the Black Sea to China in the Borowski Collection by Ulf Jäger and Sascha Kansteiner
Reviewed by Lothar von Falkenhausen, 451

The End of the Chinese Dream: Why Chinese People Fear the Future by Gerard Lemos
Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 454

Christianity in Contemporary China: Socio-cultural Perspectives ed. by Francis Khek Gee Lim
Reviewed by Daniel H. Bays, 458

Eating Bitterness: Stories from the Front Lines of China’s Great Urban Migration by Michelle Dammon Loyalka
Reviewed by Arianne M. Gaetano, 460

Gender and Sexuality in Modern China by Susan L. Mann
Reviewed by Margaret Kuo, 464

Die Aufhebung des Politischen: Lü Zuqian (1137–1181) und der Aufstieg des Neukonfuzianismus by Kai Marchal
Reviewed by Hilde De Weerdt, 468

The Dao of the Military: Liu An’s Art of War by Andrew Seth Meyer
Reviewed by Robin McNeal, 473

The Diplomacy of Nationalism: The Six Companies and China’s Policy toward Exclusion by Yucheng Qin
Reviewed by Daniel Meissner, 477

The Emergence of Daoism: Creation of Tradition by Gil Raz
Reviewed by Andrew Meyer, 480

The I Ching: A Biography by Richard J. Smith
Reviewed by Christine A. Hale, 483

Global Chinese Literature: Critical Essays ed. by Jing Tsu and David Der-wei Wang
Reviewed by Ming-Bao Yue, 486

Barbaren, rebellen en mandarijnen: De VOC in de slag met China in de Gouden Eeuw by Aad van Amstel
Reviewed by Leonard Blussé, 492

Rising China in the Changing World Economy ed. by Liming Wang
Reviewed by Alvin Y. So, 495

Brave Dragons: A Chinese Basketball Team, an American Coach, and Two Cultures Clashing by Jim Yardley
Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 498

The First Decade: The Hong Kong SAR in Retrospective and Introspective Perspectives ed. by Yeung Yue-man
Reviewed by Eilo Wing-yat Yu, 502

The Cosmopolitanization of Science: Stem Cell Governance in China by Joy Yueyue Zhang
Reviewed by Cong Cao, 505

Works Received