China Review International, vol. 16, no. 3 (2009)


Two Recently Published Histories on the Song Dynasty (960–1279) (reviewing Dieter Kuhn, The Age of Confucian Rule: The Song Transformation of China; Denis C. Twitchett and Paul Jakov Smith, editors, The Cambridge History of China, Volume 5, Part One, The Sung Dynasty and Its Precursors, 907–1279)
Reviewed by James M. Hargett, 293

A Reassessment of Early Confucianism in Light of Newly Excavated Manuscripts (reviewing Liang Tao 梁濤, Guodian Zhujian Yu Simeng Xuepai 郭店竹簡與思孟學派 (The Guodian bamboo manuscripts and the Zisi-Mencian lineage)
Reviewed by Shirley Chan, 304

Manchu Language Resources in the People’s Republic of China: A Comprehensive Review
Reviewed by Chia Ning, 308


Xiaolan Bao, Holding Up More than Half the Sky: Chinese Women Garment Workers in New York City 1948–1992
Reviewed by Margaret M. Chin, 323

Miranda Brown, The Politics of Mourning in Early China
Reviewed by Constance A. Cook, 326

Leslie T. Chang, Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China
Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 330

Stephen Chiu and Tai-Lok Lui, Hong Kong: Becoming a Chinese Global City
Reviewed by Lisa Fischler, 334

Alexander Des Forges, Mediasphere Shanghai: The Aesthetics of Cultural Production
Reviewed by Frederik Green, 338

Eric Hayot, Haun Saussy, and Steven G. Yao, editors, Sinographies: Writing China
Reviewed by Andrea Bachner, 341

Larissa N. Heinrich, The Afterlife of Images: Translating the Pathological Body between China and the West
Reviewed by Yanhua Zhang, 344

Martin Jacques, When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order
Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 347

Anne E. McLaren, Performing Grief: Bridal Laments in Rural China
Reviewed by Miranda Brown, 355

Meaghan Morris, Siu Leung Li, and Stephen Chan Ching-kiu, editors, Hong Kong Connections: Transnational Imagination in Action Cinema
Reviewed by Audrey Yue, 357

Hannah Pakula, The Last Empress: Madame Chiang Kai-shek and the Birth of Modern China
Reviewed by David D. Buck, 362

Laikwan Pang, The Distorting Mirror: Visual Modernity in China
Reviewed by Lisa Claypool, 367

Li-Hsiang Lisa Rosenlee, Confucianism and Women: A Philosophical Interpretation
Reviewed by Paul R. Goldin, 371

Nicolas Standaert, The Interweaving of Rituals: Funerals in the Cultural Exchange between China and Europe
Reviewed by Miranda Brown, 375

Hans Stumpfeldt, Einundachtzig Han-Gedichte
Reviewed by Nicholas Morrow Williams, 378

Ian Taylor, China’s New Role in Africa
Reviewed by Dorothy McCormick, 382

Maghiel van Crevel, Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money
Reviewed by Jack W. Chen, 385

Donald B. Wagner, Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 5, Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Part 11, “Ferrous Metallurgy”
Reviewed by Nathan Sivin, 390

Dong Wang, Managing God’s Higher Learning: U.S.-China Cultural Encounter and Canton Christian College (Lingnan University), 1888–1952
Reviewed by Baoyan Cheng, 395

Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, Global Shanghai 1850–2010: A History in Fragments
Reviewed by David D. Buck, 399

Fusheng Wu, Written at Imperial Command: Panegyric Poetry in Early Medieval China
Reviewed by Jack W. Chen, 401

Dongping Yang, editor, The China Environment Yearbook, Volume 2, Changes and Struggles
Reviewed by Herman F. Huang, 406

Judith T. Zeitlin, The Phantom Heroine: Ghost and Gender in Seventeenth-Century Chinese Literature
Reviewed by Ning Ma, 409


Works Received, 417