China Review International, vol. 16, no. 1 (2009)


Doing Business in China: Tips for an Outsider (Lǎowài)
(reviewing Xiaowen Tian, Managing International Business in China; Tim Ambler, Morgen Witzel, and Chao Xi, Doing Business in China; Hong Liu, Chinese Business: Landscapes and Strategies)
Reviewed by Anton Kriz and Byron Keating, 1

What Time Is the “Great Divergence”? And Why Economic Historians Think It Matters
(reviewing Walter Scheidel, editor, Rome and China: Comparative Perspectives on Ancient World Empires; Tommy Bengstsson, Cameron Campbell, and James Z. Lee, Life Under Pressure: Mortality and Living Standards in Europe and Asia, 1700–1900)
Reviewed by Niv Horesh, 18

Sidelights on the State of Sinology in Germany: Two Recent Festschriften with a Focus on Early and Early Imperial China
(reviewing Reinhard Emmerich and Hans Stumpfeldt, editors, with Monique Nagel-Angermann, Yu Hong, and Enno Giele, Und folge nun dem, was mein Herz begehrt: Festschrift für Ulrich Unger zum 70. Geburtstag; Michael Friedrich, with Reinhard Emmerich and Hans van Ess, editors, Han-Zeit: Festschrift für Hans Stumpfeldt aus Anlaß seines 65. Geburtstages)
Reviewed by Lothar von Falkenhausen, 33


Daniel H. Bays and Ellen Widmer, editors. China’s Christian Colleges: Cross-Cultural Connections, 1900–1950
Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 66

Peter K. Bol. Neo-Confucianism in History
Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 75

Alexandra B. Bonds. Beijing Opera Costumes: The Visual Communication of Character and Culture
Reviewed by Colin Mackerras, 83

John A. Crespi. Voices in Revolution: Poetry and the Auditory Imagination in Modern China
Reviewed by Heather Inwood, 87

William Theodore De Bary, with contributions by Cheung Chan Fai and Kwan Tzewan. Confucian Tradition and Global Education
Reviewed by Sarah A. Mattice, 93

Patricia Buckley Ebrey. Accumulating Culture: The Collections of Emperor Huizong
Reviewed by Roslyn Lee Hammers, 98

Ingrid Furniss. Music in Ancient China: An Archaeological and Art Historical Study of Strings, Winds, and Drums during the Eastern Zhou and Han Periods (770 BCE–220 CE)
Reviewed by Ken Berthel, 101

Susan Greenhalgh. Just One Child: Science and Policy in Deng’s China
Reviewed by Therese Hesketh, 105

Kurtis Hagen. The Philosophy of Xunzi: A Reconstruction
Reviewed by Andrew Lambert, 107

Alexandra Harney. The China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage
Reviewed by Hiromi Tanigaki 111

Eric Harwit. China’s Telecommunications Revolution
Reviewed by Irene S. Wu, 114

Jin Jiang. Women Playing Men: Yue Opera and Social Change in Twentieth-Century Shanghai
Reviewed by Liang Luo 117

Charles A. Laughlin. The Literature of Leisure and Chinese Modernity
Reviewed by Frederik Green, 126

Lin Zhihong 林志宏. The Republic of China Is the Enemy: The Qing Loyalists and the Changes in Chinese Political Culture (民國乃敵國也:政治文化轉型下的清遺民)
Reviewed by Tze-ki Hon, 129

Tina Lu. Accidental Incest, Filial Cannibalism, and Other Peculiar Encounters in Late Imperial Chinese Literature
Reviewed by Huili Zheng, 133

Victor H. Mair. The Art of War: Sunzi’s Military Methods
Reviewed by Aaron Creller, 136

Amy McNair. Donors of Longmen: Faith, Politics, and Patronage in Medieval Chinese Buddhist Scripture
Reviewed by Michael Saso, 138

National Academy of Engineering and National Research Council. Energy Futures and Urban Air Pollution: Challenges for China and the United States
Reviewed by Herman F. Huang, 140

Cynthia Ning. Exploring in Chinese
Reviewed by Jing Wang, 143

Brook Ziporyn, translator. Zhuangzi: The Essential Writings with Selections from Traditional Commentaries
Reviewed by Bryan W. Van Norden, 147

Works Received, 151