China Review International, vol. 15, no. 2 (2008)


Daniel A. Bell. Beyond Liberal Democracy: Political Thinking for an East Asian Context
Reviewed by Fred Dallmayr, 163

Mario Poceski. Ordinary Mind as the Way: The Hongzhou School and the Growth of Chan Buddhism
Reviewed by John R. McRae, 170

Lothar von Falkenhausen. Chinese Society in the Age of Confucius (1000–250 B.C.): The Archaeological Evidence
Reviewed by Robert L. Thorp, 185


Peter Acker. Liu Chuxuan (1147–1203) and his Commentary on the Daoist Scripture Huangdi yinfu jing
Reviewed by Jan De Meyer, 193

Joanne D. Birdwhistell. “Mencius” and Masculinities: Dynamics of Power, Morality, and Maternal Thinking
Reviewed by Sarah A. Mattice, 195

John G. Blair and Jerusha Hull McCormack. Western Civilizations with Chinese Comparisons
Reviewed by Nick Brasovan, 198

Fan Pen Li Chen. Chinese Shadow Theatre, History, Popular Religion, and Women Warriors
Reviewed by Colin Mackerras, 209

Vincent Goossaert. The Taoists of Peking, 1800–1949: A Social History of Urban Clerics
Reviewed by Brian R. Dott, 213

Richard Gotshalk. The Classic of Way and Her Power, A Miscellany?
Reviewed by James D. Sellmann, 216

Barbara Hendrischke. The Scripture on Great Peace: The Taiping Jing and the Beginnings of Daoism
Reviewed by Harold Swindall, 220

Christopher Mills Isett. State, Peasant, and Merchant in Qing Manchuria, 1644–1862
Reviewed by Marc Andre Matten, 225

Zhuo Jing-Schmidt. Dramatized Discourse: The Mandarin Chinese ba-Construction
Reviewed by Picus Shizi Ding, 228

François Jullien. Maev de la Guardia, translator. The Impossible Nude: Chinese Art and Western Aesthetics
Reviewed by ShiPu Wang, 234

Roy Kamphausen and Andrew Scobell, editors. Right-Sizing the People’s Liberation Army: Exploring the Contours of the Chinese Military
Reviewed by Richard A. Bitzinger, 244

Brian Kennedy and Elizabeth Guo. Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals: A Historical Survey
Reviewed by Stanley E. Henning, 247

Ann Kent. China, International Organizations, and Global Security
Reviewed by Lisa Fischler, 250

Ching Kwan Lee. Against the Law: Labor Protests in China’s Rustbelt and Sunbelt
Reviewed by Baogang Guo, 255

Cecile Leung. Etienne Fourmont (1683–1745): Oriental and Chinese Languages in Eighteenth-Century France
Reviewed by Gloria Bien, 258

Mark E. Lewis. The Early Chinese Empires: Qin and Han
Reviewed by Tiezhu Dong, 265

Lin Jinghua 林精華. Wudu Eluosi: Zhongguo xiandaixing wenti zhong de Eguo yinsu 誤讀俄羅斯﹕中國現代性問題中的俄國因素 (Misreading Russia: The Russia Factor in the Problem of China’s Modernity)
Reviewed by Mark Gamsa, 270

Gordon Mathews, Eric Kit-wai Ma, and Tai-lok Lui. Hong Kong, China: Learning to Belong to a Nation; Agnes S. Ku and Ngai Pun, editors. Remaking Citizenship in Hong Kong: Community, Nation, and the Global City
Reviewed by Lisa Fischler, 281

James A. Millward. Eurasian Crossroads: A History of Xinjiang
Reviewed by Thomas Barfield, 286

Paul G. Pickowicz and Yingjin Zhang, editors. From Underground to Independent: Alternative Film Culture in Contemporary China
Reviewed by Andreas Steen, 291

May Sim. Remastering Morals with Aristotle and Confucius
Reviewed by J. E. Tiles, 296

Czeslaw Tubilewicz. Taiwan and Post-Communist Europe: Shopping for Allies
Reviewed by Vincent Kelly Pollard, 305

Zhang Longxi. Unexpected Affinities: Reading Across Cultures
Reviewed by Steven Shankman, 310

Works Received, 312