China Review International, vol. 15, no. 1 (2008)


Urban Communities, State, Spatial Order, and Modernity: Studies of Imperial and Republican Beijing in Perspective (reviewing Madeleine Yue Dong. Republican Beijing: The City and Its Histories; Susan Naquin. Peking: Temples and City Life, 1400–1900; Jianfei Zhu. Chinese Spatial Strategies: Imperial Beijing, 1420–1911)
Reviewed by Yamin Xu, 1

JeeLoo Liu. An Introduction to Chinese Philosophy: From Ancient Philosophy to Chinese Buddhism
Reviewed by Bryan W. Van Norden, 39

Philip L. Wickeri. Reconstructing Christianity in China: K. H. Ting and the
Chinese Church

Reviewed by Franklin J. Woo, 46


Daniel L. Bell and Hahm Chaibong, editors. Confucianism for the Modern World
Reviewed by Christian Jochim, 59

E. N. Berthrong. What Would Confucius Do? Wisdom and Advice on Achieving Success and Getting Along with Others
Reviewed by Edward Slingerland, 71

History and Identity in Hong Kong: Resisting China’s Political Control; Embracing China as the Motherland (reviewing John M. Carroll. Edge of Empires: Chinese Elites and British Colonials in Hong Kong)
Reviewed by Jung-fang Tsai, 78

Bruce Gilley. China’s Democratic Future: How It Will Happen and Where It Will Lead
Reviewed by Alan P. L. Liu, 94

Yufan Hao and Lin Su, editors. China’s Foreign Policy Making: Societal Force and Chinese American Policy
Reviewed by Qiang Zhai, 97

James M. Hargett. Stairway to Heaven: A Journey to the Summit of Mount Emei
Reviewed by Mario Poceski, 101

Laura Hostetler. Qing Colonial Enterprise: Ethnography and Cartography in
Early Modern China

Reviewed by Zhao Gang, 106

Martin W. Huang. Negotiating Masculinities in Late Imperial China
Reviewed by Jens Damm, 110

Christopher Hutton and Kingsley Bolton. A Dictionary of Cantonese Slang: The Language of Hong Kong Movies, Street Gangs and City Life
Reviewed by Hugh D. R. Baker, 114

Zhong Jian, director. Try to Remember
Reviewed by Konrad Ng, 117

Lee Seung-hwan. A Topography of Confucian Discourse: Politco-philosophical Reflections on Confucian Discourse since Modernity
Reviewed by John Berthrong, 120

Mark Edward Lewis. The Flood Myths of Early China
Reviewed by Kyung-Ho Suh, 125

Chun Lin. The Transformation of Chinese Socialism
Reviewed by Yu-Shan Wu, 132

Xiaoqing Diana Lin. Peking University: Chinese Scholarship and Intellectuals, 1898–1937
Reviewed by Margherita Zanasi, 137

Zwia Lipkin. Useless to the State: “Social Problems” and Social Engineering in Nationalist Nanjing, 1927–1937
Reviewed by Paulene Keating, 141

Suping Lu. They Were in Nanjing: The Nanjing Massacre Witnessed by American and British Nationals; Fei Fei Li, Robert Sabella, and David Liu, eds. Nanking 1937: Memory and Healing
Reviewed by Joshua A. Fogel, 146

Roman Malek, editor. The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ, vol. 3a
Reviewed by Patrick Fuliang Shan, 156

Books Received, 160