Buddhist-Christian Studies, vol. 7 (1987)

[This volume is available online in JSTOR.]


Transformation in Buddhism, p. 5
Masao Abe

    Responses by Donald Mitchell and Julia Ching, p. 25

Christian Understanding of Ultimate Transformation, p. 47
Schubert Ogden

    Responses by Francis Cook and Gishin Tokiwa, p. 59

The Three-Yana Journey in Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, p. 87
Rita Gross

    Responses by John Cobb and Rosemary Ruether, p. 105

The Christian Understanding of Salvation-Liberation, p. 129
David Tracy

    Response by Jeffrey Hopkins, p. 139


The Buddhist-Christian Dialogue: Current Sticking Points, p. 151
Durwood Foster

Tillich’s Dialogue with Buddhism, p. 183
Carl Olson


Lenses and Insight, p. 199
Frederick J. Streng

Self-Affirmation and Ego Transcendence, p. 215
Jay McDaniel


Houston, The Cross and the Lotus

Grayson, Early Buddhism and Christianity in Korea

Rousseau, Interreligious Dialogue and Christianity and the Religions of the World

Houston, Dharma and Gospel

MacInnes, Teaching Zen to Christians

Habito, Total Liberation

Thelle, Buddhism and Christianity in Japan: From Conflict to Dialogue