Buddhist-Christian Studies, vol. 27 (2007)



Dependent Co-Origination and Universal Intersubjectivity, p. 3
Joseph Bracken, SJ

The Understanding and Experience of Compassion: Aquinas and the Dalai Lama
, p. 11
Judith Barad

Buddhist Women and Interfaith Work in the United States, p. 31
Kate Dugan

Dialogue and Solidarity in a Time of Globalization, p. 51
James Fredericks

Mahāyāna Interpretation of Christianity: A Case Study of Zhang Chunyi (1871–1955), p. 67
Lai Pan-chiu and So Yuen-tai

Christian-Buddhist Dialogue on Loving the Enemy, p. 89
Wioleta Polinska


Buddhist-Christian Scholarship and the World Wide Web, p. 111
Jonas Barciauskas

The Individual in Relation to the Sangha in American Buddhism: An Examination of ‘‘Privatized Religion,’’ p. 115
Kenneth K. Tanaka

NEWS AND VIEWS, edited by Peter A. Huff

Message to Buddhists for the Feast of Vesakh 2007, p. 131
Paul Cardinal Poupard and Archbishop Pier Luigi Celata

The 2006 Meeting of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, p. 133
Frances S. Adeney

In Memoriam: Benjamin Lee Wren (1931–2006), p. 137
Peter A. Huff

In Memoriam: Masao Abe (1915–2006), p. 139
James Fredericks

Religion after September 11th World Congress, p. 141
Frances S. Adeney

Buddhist and Catholic Monks Talk about Celibacy, p. 143
Thomas Ryan, CSP

Zen/Ch’an—Catholic Dialogue Opens New Quadrennium, p. 147
Francis V. Tiso

The Pilgrimage of the Mass: The Song of All Songs, p. 151
Roger Corless

In Memoriam: Roger Jonathan Corless (1938–2007), p. 152

Remembering Roger Corless: Rose Drew, Mark Gonnerman, Harry Lee Wells

BOOK REVIEWS, edited by Alice A. Keefe

Maria Reis Habito on Roger Corless, I Am Food: The Mass in Planetary Perspective, p. 161

Marwood Larson-Harris on Sulak Sivaraksa, Conflict, Culture, Change: Engaged Buddhism in a Globalizing World, p. 166

Terry C. Muck on Kristin Beise Kiblinger, Buddhist Inclusivism: Attitudes Towards Religious Others, p. 168

Rae Erin Dachille on Janet Gyatso and Hanna Havnevik, eds., Women in Tibet, p. 172

Rita M. Gross on Sallie B. King, Being Benevolence: The Social Ethics of Engaged Buddhism, p. 174

Brian Karafin on Stephanie Kaza, ed., Hooked! Buddhist Writings on Greed, Desire, and the Urge to Consume, and Paul F. Knitter and Chandra Muzaffar, eds., Subverting Greed: Religious Perspectives on the Global Economy, p. 179

Francis X. Clooney, S.J. on Jin Y. Park, ed., Buddhisms and Deconstructions, p. 182

Christian P. B. Haskett on Martin A. Mills, Identity, Ritual and State in Tibetan Buddhism: The Foundations of Authority in Gelukpa Monasticism, p. 187

Robert P. Kennedy on Ruben L. F. Habito, Living Zen, Loving God, p. 193

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Leo D. Lefebure on Paul O. Ingram, Wrestling with God, p. 201

Sarah K. Pinnock on Rita M. Gross and Terry C. Muck, eds., Christians Talk about Buddhist Meditation; Buddhists Talk about Christian Prayer, p. 204