Buddhist-Christian Studies, vol. 12 (1992)

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Chinese Buddhist and Christian Charities: A Comparative History, p. 5
Whalen Lai

Early Buddhism and Taoism in China (A.D. 65-420), p. 35
Jiahe Lu

Samga Kwigam of Hyujong and the Three Religions, p. 43
Young Ho (Jinwol) Lee

The Place of Religion in Vietnam Today, p. 65
Bruce Matthews

On Defining “Vietnamese Religion”: Reflections on Bruce Matthews’ Article, p. 75
Kristin Pelzer


The True Self in the Buddhist Philosophy of the Kyoto School, p. 83
Fritz Buri

Toward a Global Hermeneutic of Justification in Process Perspective: Luther and Shinran Comparatively Considered, p. 103
Tokiyuki Nobuhara


A Comparison of the Early Forms of Buddhist and Christian Monastic Traditions, p. 123
Mathieu Boisvert

Translator’s Introduction to “The History of Buddhist Nuns in Japan,” p. 143
Karma Lekshe Tsomo

The History of Buddhist Nuns in Japan, p. 147
Akira Hirakawa


Preliminary Statement, p. 161
Frederick J. Streng

A Buddhist Response, p. 163
Grace Burford

Resurrection of the Body: Finding a Misplaced Future, p. 167
Paula M. Cooey

A Christian and Zen Self-Critique, p. 175
Ruben L. F. Habito


Preliminary Statement, p. 181
Ruben L. F. Habito

The Role of Autobiography in the Comparison of Salvation and Nirvana, p. 183
Terry C. Muck

Response to Terry Muck, p. 189
José Ignacio Cabezón

Liberation: An Indo-Tibetan Perspective, p. 191
José Ignacio Cabezón

Response to José Cabezón, p. 198
Terry C. Muck

Edited by Donald W. Mitchell

From Montserrat to Mampukuji: Reports on the Fourth Spiritual Exchange, p. 203

  • Let Our Minds Be in Harmony with Our Voices
    Bartomeu Ubach
  • Impressions of the Fourth Spiritual Exchange
    Chisei Tanaka
  • On the Fourth East-West Spiritual Exchange
    Gensho Hozumi

Practice and Internal Dialogue: A Report on the Fourth Annual Conference of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, p. 227
Ruben L. F. Habito

Report on the Tenth Meeting of the Japan Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, p. 231
Paul L. Swanson

Seimeizan: A Living Buddhist-Christian Dialogue, p. 233
Roger Corless

Keiji Nishitani (1900-1990), p. 241
Eiko Kawamura


Why Are There Monks and Nuns? A Review Article, p. 249
Roger Corless

Kenosis and Action: A Review Article, p. 255
Sallie B. King


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Philippe Gross on Shaw, The Paradox of Intention: Reaching the Goal by Giving up the Attempt to Reach It, p. 271

Masaaki Honda on Furukawa, Sakebitashi Kanmangetsu No Wareuhodo (I wish my shout could break the cold full moon), p. 271

Nancy R. Howell on Pieris, An Asian Theology of Liberation, p. 276

Paul O. Ingram on Yagi and Swidler, A Bridge to Buddhist-Christian Dialogue, p. 281

Shigeo H. Kanda on Lochhead, The Dialogical Impreative: A Christian Reflection on Interfaith Encounter, p. 283

Patricia O’Connell Killen on Hillman, Many Paths: A Catholic Approach to Religious Pluralism, p. 287

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Bonnie Thurston on Merzel, The Eye Never Sleeps: Striking to the Heart of Zen, ed. Proskauer, p. 305