Buddhist-Christian Studies, vol. 11 (1991)

[This volume is available online in JSTOR.]


Aunt Hannah on the Parliament of Religions, p. 5
Minnie Andrews Snell

Oriental Verities on the American Frontier: The 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions and the Thought of Masao Abe, p. 7
John R. McRae

Strategic Occidentalism: Meiji Buddhists at the World’s Parliament of Religions, p. 37
James E. Ketelaar


The Hermeneutics of Polemic: The Creation of Hinayana and Old Testament, p. 59
Roger J. Corless

The Salvific Role of Knowledge in a Buddhist and a Christian Context: A Comparative Study of Two Parables, p. 75
James Breckenridge

Faith in the Buddhist Tradition, p. 85
Robert Traer


Joesph Cardinal Ratzinger’s Letter on Christian Meditation, p. 123

Reflections on “Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on Some Aspects of Christian Meditation,” p. 139
John Borelli

Love Is God: A Buddhist Interreligious Repsonse to the Vatican Instruction on “Some Aspects of Christian Meditation,” p. 149
Victoria Urubshurow

The Inner Journey: Reflections on the Awakening of Mind and Heart in Buddhism and Christianity, p. 173
Pascaline Coff


Theological Encounter IV, ed. Rita M. Gross, p. 199

  • Introduction
    Rita M. Gross
  • Being in the World: A Buddhist Ethical and Social Concern
    Sulak Sivaraksa
  • Responses to Sulak Sivaraksa
    Gordon D. Kaufman and John Berthrong
  • Redemptive Community in Christianity
    Rosemary Radford Ruether
  • Responses to Rosemary Ruether
    Rita M. Gross and David W. Chappell

Science, Hermeneutical Scepticism, and Social-Economic Theory, p. 247

  • Preliminary Statement
    Fred J. Streng
  • The Tension between Religion and Culture
    Paula M. Cooey
  • The Study of Religion as a Religious Experience
    Rita M. Gross
  • Religious Identity and the Global Community
    David W. Chappell

Edited by Donald W. Mitchell

Contemporary Issues in the Americanization of Zen, p. 267
S. I. Shapiro

A Buddhist Monk’s View of Theological Encounter III, p. 273
Gudo Wafu Nishijima

Monastics Group News and Views, p. 283

    Fourth East-West Spiritual Exchange
    Roger CorlessContemplation Revisited
    Jean Leclercq

God and Absolute Nothingness, p. 289
Joos Sinke, trans. by Patricia Griffiths

The Baar Statement. Religious Plurality: Theological Perspectives and Affirmations, p. 297

In Memoriam: Father Hugo Makibi Enomiya-Lasalle, 1898-1990, p. 303
Klaus Luhmer


Eiko Kawamura on The Selected Works of Nishitani Keiji

David P. Killen on Christianity through Non-Christian Eyes, ed. Paul J. Griffiths

Marilyn F. Nefsky on Corless, The Vision of Buddhism

Norman J. Girardot on Almond, The British Discovery of Buddhism

Michael Saso on Snodgrass, The Matrix and Diamond World Mandalas in Shingon Buddhism

Bonnie Thurston on Keenan, The Meaning of Christ: A Mahayana Theology

Elisabeth Benard on My Tibet, text by Fourteenth Dalai Lama and photographs by Galen Rowell

Yutaka Tanaka on Honda, Choetsusha to jiko (The transcendental and the self: an essay on the Takizawa-Abe controversy)

Anne C. Klein on Boucher, Turning the Wheel: American Women Creating the New Buddhism, and Sakhyadhita: Daughters of the Buddha, ed. Karma Lekshe Tsomo

S. I. Shapiro on Davis, Monastery without Walls: Daily Life in the Silence

S. I. Shapiro on Moon, The Life and Letters of Tofu Roshi

S. I. Shapiro and David M. Sherrill on Tanahashi, Brush Mind

Paul O. Ingram on Plain Words on the Pure Land Way: Sayings of the Wandering Monks of Medieval Japan, trans. Dennis Hirota