Buddhist-Christian Studies, vol. 10 (1990)

[This volume is available online in JSTOR.]


Japanese Sectarianism and Some Ecumenical Alternatives, p. 5
Carl Bielefeldt

Skillful Means and the Interpretation of Christianity, p. 17
Michael Pye

“Skill in Means” in Early Buddhism and Christianity, p. 23
Arvind Sharma

The Nichiren and Catholic Confrontation with Japanese Nationalism, p. 35
Cheryl M. Allam


Tantric Buddhism, Degeneration or Enhancement, p. 87
Jeffrey Hopkins

William of St. Thierry’s Golden Epistle and the Ratnagotravibhaga, p. 97
Nicholas Groves


Toward a Buddhist Model of Interreligious Dialogue, p. 121
Sallie B. King

A Silent Dialogue: The Intrareligious Dimension, p. 127
Kenneth P. Kramer

Theravadin Buddhist Commentary on Western Epistemology, p. 133
Gordon E. Pruett


Japanese Pure Land Buddhism in Christian America, p. 143
Carl Becker

The Unfolding of the Lotus: Developments in Shin Buddhism in the West, p. 157
Alfred Bloom

Peace Pilgrim: An American Parallel to a Buddhist Path, p. 165
Amanda Kautz

A Spiritual Odyssey: My Encounter with Pure Land Buddhism, p. 173
Alfred Bloom

A Dialogue with Jodo-Shinsu, p. 177
Kenneth P. Kramer and Kenneth F. Tanaka


The Montserrat Intermonastic Encounter, p. 189

  • The Violent Are Taking the Kingdom of Heaven by Storm
    Bartomeu Ubach
  • From a Spanish Monastery
    Gensho Hozumi
  • Japanese Buddhists in the Monastery of Montserrat
    Genkai Sugimoto

The Monastic Encounter, p. 209
Roger J. Corless

Statement on Dialogue by Protestant and Catholic Churches in Asia, p. 213

The Harmonia Mundi Contemplative Congress, p. 217
Pascaline Coff, O.S.B.

International Conference on Metanoetics, p. 221
James L. Fredericks

International Seminar on Buddhism and Christianity, p. 227
Chung Byung-Jo

In Memoriam: A Tribute to Yamada Koun Roshi, p. 231
Rueben L. F. Habito


Two Reviews of Buddhist-Christian Dialogue, p. 241
Rueben L. F. Habito and Taitetsu Unno

Is Dialogue Only for Christian Academics? p. 249
Gary W. Houston

Theism and Atheism in the Work of W. C. Smith: A Buddhist Case Study, p. 255
Robert E. Florida

Response to Florida, p. 263
Wilfred Cantwell Smith


Jay C. Rochelle on Pieris, Love Meets Wisdom: A Christian Experience of Buddhism

Charles B. Jones on Lefebure, Life Transformed: Meditations on the Christian Scriptures in Light of Buddhist Perspectives

Song Choan-Seng on Martinson, A Theology of World Religions

Jay C. Rochelle and Richard Sherburne on Arraj, God, Zen and the Intuition of Being

John Yokota (Ishihara) on Takahatake, Young Man Shinran: A Reappraisal of Shinran’s Life

Dennis Hirota on Dobbins, Jodo Shinshu: Shin Buddhism in Medieval Japan

    A Response from James C. Dobbins

Alfred Bloom on Udea and Hirota, Shinran: An Introduction to His Thought

Kawamura Eiko on Zettai Mu to Kami — Nishida • Tanabe Tetsugaku No Dento to Kirisutokyo (Absolute nothingness and God: the traditions of Nishida’s and Tanabe’s philosophy and Christianity)

Araki Michio on Shinto to Kirisutokyo — Shukyo ni okeru Fuhen to Tokushu (Shinto and Christianity — universals and particulars in religion)

Ichishima Masao Shoshin on Tendai Bukkyo to Kirisutokyo (A dialogue between Tendai Buddhism and Christianity)

Robert Zeuschner on Loy, Nonduality: A Study in Comparative Philosophy

Michael Saso on Ishida and Saunders, Esoteric Buddhist Painting