Biography Vol. 41 No. 1 (Winter 2018)

Photograph of Prince's star on the wall of the First Avenue nightclub in Minneapolis by Lizzy Shramko. Reproduced with permission.
Photograph of Prince’s star on the wall of the First Avenue nightclub in Minneapolis by Lizzy Shramko. Reproduced with permission.

Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly volume 41, number 1 (Winter 2018) arrives with a purple cover and includes a special section, On Prince: A Labor of Love, Loss, and Freedom, guest edited by Andreana Clay.

From the abstract:

With the death of Prince Rogers Nelson on April 21, 2016, many people’s lives were changed forever. In efforts both big and small, those of us left have tried to recall, feel deeply, and write down what his life and death meant to us individually and in community. This special feature explores the feelings of four writers—Andreana Clay, Greg Tate, Steven W. Thrasher, and Scott Poulson-Bryant—who have written about music, race, and Blackness and turn that gaze to Prince and his impact. Each paper was part of the American Studies Association special panel on Prince titled “Prince in Revue.” Here, as we did there, we draw upon a personal and political relationship to Prince in an effort to understand his impact on music, identity, and community.

Editor’s Note by John David Zuern

Lyric Acknowledgments

Special Section: On Prince

Introduction: On Prince: A Labor of Love, Loss, and Freedom by Andreana Clay

Prince and the Erotics of Democracy by Greg Tate

Obituarizing Black Maleness, Obituarizing Prince by Steven W. Thrasher

Prince, Queerness, and the Both/And of “Or” by Scott Poulson-Bryant

Keywords: Light Skin-ded Free Black Sex, Girlfriend by Andreana Clay

Open-Forum Articles

Self-Narratives on Social Networks: Trans-Platform Stories and Facebook’s Metamorphosis into a Postmodern Semiautomated Repository by Stefano Calzati and Roberto Simanowski

“More National (to Ireland) than Personal”: James Prior’s Life of Oliver Goldsmith (1837) by Norma Clarke

“The Experience Being My Own”: Identifying Life Writing in Plays by Canadian Veterans of the Great War by Alan Filewod

“A Very Strange Relationship”: Life Writing, Overwriting, and the Scandal of Biography in the Gordimer-Roberts Affair by Hedley Twidle

“Here I Am”: Eliot, “Gerontion,” and the Great War by Jamie Wood

…plus Reviews and Contributor Notes.

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Biography vol. 41, no. 1 (Winter 2018) cover
Biography vol. 41, no. 1 (Winter 2018)

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