Biography, vol. 28, no. 4 (2005)

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Eugene Stelzig
A Cultural Tourist in Romantic Germany: Henry Crabb Robinson as Nineteenth-Century Life Writer, p. 515
Henry Crabb Robinson is mostly remembered for having cultivated the acquaintance of many of the leading writers of his time in Germany and England, and for his value as a source of historical information about his better known peers. This article argues that despite the fact that Robinson never completed his Reminiscences, his letters, diaries, journals, and other writing indicate that he deserves to be considered an important nineteenth century autobiographer.

Birgit A. Jensen
Bawdy Bodies or Moral Agency? The Struggle for Identity in Working-Class Autobiographies of Imperial Germany, p. 534
Master narratives in Imperial Germany typically equated “the laborer” with immoral bodies. Proletarian autobiographers insisted that wretched existential conditions caused working-class bawdiness, and devised counterstories to the ideological theft of moral agency. Class-conscious male authors outlined a proletarian morality, while female authors in general claimed either a private or bourgeois respectability for themselves.

Phyllis E. Wachter and William Todd Schulz
Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, 2004–2005, p. 558


Understanding Our Selves: The Dangerous Art of Biography, by Susan Tridgell, p. 677
Reviewed by David McCooey

The Value of Solitude: The Ethics and Spirituality of Aloneness in Autobiography, by John D. Barbour, p. 681
Reviewed by Nicholas Paige

Fantasies of Witnessing: Postwar Efforts to Experience the Holocaust, by Gary Weissman, p. 684
Reviewed by Victoria Aarons

Marketing the Author: Authorial Personae, Narrative Selves and Self-Fashioning, 1880–1930, edited by Marysa Demoor, p. 688
Reviewed by Michelle Tusan

The Intimate Life of L. M. Montgomery, edited by Irene Gammel, p. 690
Reviewed by K. L. Poe

The Past Is Not Dead: Facts, Fictions, and Enduring Racial Stereotypes, by Allan Pred, p. 694
Reviewed by Richard M. Breaux

Hell Without Fires: Slavery, Christianity, and the Antebellum Spiritual Narrative, by Yolanda Pierce, p. 696
Reviewed by John B. Boles

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