Biography, vol. 28, no. 2 (2005)

Biography 28.2 cover imageEditors’ Note, p. v


Marysa Demoor
From Epitaph to Obituary: The Death Politics of T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound, p. 255

This essay explores how modernist writers adopted and adapted the epitaph, the obituary, and the memoir. In particular, posthumous homages by Eliot and Pound to Virginia Woolf, Henry James, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, and James Joyce show the two modernist poets reworking traditional memorial genres for their own purposes, by using such age-old salutes to dead colleagues to position themselves and their generation within literary history and the canon.

Rocío G. Davis
Dialogic Selves: Discursive Strategies in Transcultural Collaborative Autobiographies by Rita and Jackie Huggins and Mark and Gail Mathabane, p. 276

This article addresses the project of transcultural collaborative autobiographies by Rita and Jackie Huggins and Mark and Gail Mathabane to read how the intersection of racial policies in Australia and the US, and discourses on race and racial relations, affect their personal stories. These texts make significant structural and thematic points in the context of collaborative discourse, illustrating how a particular sense of selfhood evolves and is performed in and through this multilayered dialogue.


Witnessing AIDS: Writing, Testimony, and the Work of Mourning, by Sarah Brophy, p. 295
Reviewed by G. Thomas Couser

The Invention of the Eyewitness: Writing and Testimony in Early Modern France, by Andrea Frisch, p. 297
Reviewed by Duane A. Rudolph

Queenship and Sanctity: The Lives of Mathilda and the Epigraph of Adelheid, edited and translated by Sean Gilsdorf, p. 300
Reviewed by Valerie L. Garver

The Two Princes of Calabar: An Eighteenth-Century Atlantic Odyssey, by Randy J. Sparks, p. 302
Reviewed by Anthony Foy

The Victorian Artist: Artists’ Lifewritings in Britain, ca. 1870–1910, by Julie F. Codell, p. 305
Reviewed by David Amigoni

Virginia Woolf ’s Nose, by Hermione Lee, p. 309
Reviewed by Linda Simon

Enacting Past and Present: The Memory Theatres of Djuna Barnes, Ingeborg Bachmann, and Marguerite Duras, by Michaela M. Grobbel, p. 311
Reviewed by Karen Kaivola

Twentieth-Century Autobiography: Writing Wales in English, by Barbara Prys-Williams, p. 314
Reviewed by Timothy Dow Adams

The Ethnographic I: A Methodological Novel About Autoethnography, by Carolyn Ellis, p. 316
Reviewed by Jeraldine R. Kraver

The Subject of Documentary, by Michael Renov, p. 319
Reviewed by Peter Britos

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