Biography, vol. 26, no. 4 (2003)

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Carolyn Tilghman
Autobiography as Dissidence: Subjectivity, Sexuality, and the Women’s Co-operative Guild, p. 583

This article examines British working-class women’s autobiography as a form of political dissidence. Crucial to guildswomen’s collective autobiographical practice was writing about the reproductive body within the socio/historical context of class and gender relations from the perspective of women. As revealed in Maternity: Letters from Working Women (1915) and in Life as We Have Known It (1931), guildswomen’s life writing contested boundaries between political and domestic spheres, shifted emphasis from the individual to a collective identity, and demanded the inclusion of reproductive rights within the domain of human rights.

James B. Mitchell
Popular Autobiography as Historiography: The Reality Effect of Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes, p. 607

Many memoirs, in addition to participating in the discursive community of life writing, also partake in the narrative conventions of historiography and fiction, frequently employing what Roland Barthes calls a “reality effect” to infuse their stories with a sense of verisimilitude. This essay explores the cultural phenomenon that is Angela’s Ashes, reading Frank McCourt’s memoir against the grain of Carolyn Kay Steedman’s Landscape for a Good Woman. I am primarily concerned with two lines of inquiry regarding Angela’s Ashes : why is this book of history-as-memory so popular—that is, what does its raging popularity reveal about the society that consumes and champions it; and what kind of historiographical practices does the book engage in to achieve its aims of representing itself as an authentic, “true” history?

Phyllis E. Wachter and William Todd Schultz
Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, 2002–2003, p. 625


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