Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture, vol. 9 (2016)

From Kim Jung Soo’s paintings in this issue of Azalea.

Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture volume 9 features the following writings, poetry, and artwork:


Editor’s Note

Writer in Focus: Song Sokze

Sora Kim-Russell, Jenny Wang Medina, Jae Won Chung
Translator’s Roundtable with Song Sokze

Song Sokze
A Real Piece of Work
Tale of Cho Tong-gwan
Roughing It


O Kyuwŏn
Briars and Fragrances, Goat and Horns, A Leaf of a Girl, The Skill of Love, The Need for Empty Places

Hwang Chiu
Snowscape, Winter Mountain, The Holy Family, A Steel Idea, Cataclysmic Love, One Day I’ll Be Sitting in a Murky Wine House

Ryu Shiva
Mountain Mist, Chimney Birds No Longer Live in Chimneys, Salt, Poems on Snow, A Tear, I Snipped the Magic Flower

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Excerpt from Road to the Racetrack

Son Bo Mi

Kim Seong Joong
Border Market

Special Feature: Kim Kirim’s Weather Map

Jack Saebyok Jung
Translator’s Note

Kim Kirim
Weather Map
The Morning of the World, Citizen’s Parade, Typhoon’s Waking Hour, Trace, Sick Landscape, Owl’s Incantation, The Song of the Iron Wheel

Korea from the Outside: Andrés Felipe Solano

Rosalind Harvey
Translator’s Note: The Importance of Elsewhere

Andrés Felipe Solano
Excerpt from Korea: Notes from the Edge


Kim Jung Soo

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About the Journal

Azalea promotes Korean literature among English-language readers. Azalea introduces to the world new writers as well as promising translators, providing the academic community of Korean studies with well-translated texts for college courses. Writers from around the world also share their experience of Korean literature or culture with wider audiences.


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