Manoa, vol. 21, no. 1 (2009): Voices from Okinawa

Voices from Okinawa coverPresented by Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

Voices from Okinawa: Featuring Three Plays by Jon Shirota

Edited by Frank Stewart and Katsunori Yamazato

VOICES FROM OKINAWA features through literature the rich and remarkable culture of Japan’s southernmost islands. In this landmark publication—the first literary anthology showcasing Okinawan Americans—Okinawan voices are heard in plays, essays, and interviews. Through the beauty, humor, and heartbreak in Jon Shirota’s award-winning plays, readers will discover the exuberance and excellence of Okinawan American literature. And in personal essays and interviews, the compelling life stories are told of June Hiroko Arakawa, Philip K. Ige, Mitsugu Sakihara, and Seiyei Wakukawa. The distinctive cultural perspectives and literary excellence of VOICES FROM OKINAWA show that American literature is more inclusive, complex, and multilayered than we have imagined.

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