Asian Perspectives, vol. 57, no. 1 (2018)

Figure 1
Slit earring and magatama beads from Yoko Nishimura’s article this issue, “The Evolution of Curved Beads (Magatama勾玉/曲玉)inJōmon Period Japan and the Development of Individual Ownership”

This issue of Asian Perspectives also features the following scholarly works:


Genuine Prestige Goods in Mortuary Contexts: Emulation in
Polychrome Silk and Byzantine Solidi from Northern China
By Armin Selbitschka

Out of Context, in Association: Human Remains Salvaged
from the Mini-athiliya Shell Midden, Sri Lanka
By Samanti Kulatilake, Roshan D. Peiris, H. Nimal Perera,
and H. Jude Perera

Human Foodways, Metallurgy, and Landscape Modification
of Iron Age Central Thailand
By Chin-hsin Liu

The Evolution of Curved Beads (Magatama 勾玉/曲玉)
in Jōmon Period Japan and the Development of Individual
By Yoko Nishimura

Plant Microfossil Results from Old Kiyyangan Village: Looking
for the Introduction and Expansion of Wet-field Rice
(Oryza sativa) Cultivation in the Ifugao Rice Terraces,
Philippine Cordilleras
By Mark Horrocks, Stephen Acabado, and John Peterson

Plus book reviews and an obituary remembering Zhang Zhongpei 张忠培 (1934–2017), a scholar who made great contributions to Chinese archaeology.

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