Asian Perspectives, vol. 54, no. 1 (2015)

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Special Issue: Current Perspectives on Korean Prehistory


Korean Prehistory: Current Perspectives
Christopher J. Bae and Bumcheol Kim, 1

Recent Developments and Debates in Korean Prehistoric Archaeology
Seung-Og Kim, 11

Potential Contributions of Korean Pleistocene Hominin Fossils to Palaeoanthropology: A View from Ryonggok Cave
Christopher J. Bae and Pierre Guyomarc’h, 31

The Korean Early Palaeolithic: Patterns and Identities
Hyeong Woo Lee, 58

Diversity of Lithic Assemblages and Evolution of Late Palaeolithic Culture in Korea
Chuntaek Seong, 91

Sedentism, Settlements, and Radiocarbon Dates of Neolithic Korea
Sung-Mo Ahn, Jangsuk Kim, Jaehoon Hwang, 113

Socioeconomic Development in the Bronze Age: Archaeological Understanding of the Transition from the Early to Middle Bronze Age, South Korea
Bumcheol Kim, 144

Transition from the Prehistoric Age to the Historic Age: The Early Iron Age on the Korean Peninsula
Kisung Yi, 185

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