Archives of Asian Art, vol. 63, no. 2 (2013)

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The Jageshwar Valley, Where Death Is Conquered
Nachiket Chanchani, 133

Location of the Central Himalayas.

O Sech’ang’s Compilation of Kŭnyŏk sŏhwa sa 槿域 書畵史 (History of Korean painting and calligraphy) and the Publication of Kŭnyŏk sŏhwa ching 槿域 書畵徵 (Biographical records of Korean painters and calligraphers)
Hong Sunpyo, Jungsil Jenny Lee, Nathaniel Kingdon, 155

Chŏng Chongyŏ (Korea, 1914–1984), Portrait of O Sech’ang, 1941. Fan painting, ink and light colors on paper, 23 × 52.5 cm. Private collection.

New Research on Central Asian Paintings in the National Museum of Korea
Kim Haewon, Jo Yeontae, Cheon Juhyun, Park Seungwon, 165

Mural fragments, Mīrān, 3rd–4th centuries. 14.8 × 11.2 cm; 8.2 × 9 cm; 16.5 × 30.5 cm (left to right). National Museum of Korea (Bongwan 4051).

Rediscovering Zhang Jin and the Ming Painting Academy
Hou-Mei Sung, 179

Zhang Jin (China, ca. 1450s–1520s), Daoist Immortal Han Xiangzi Walking across the Ocean. Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk, 236.4 × 112.6 cm. Cincinnati Art Museum.

Kitagawa Tamiji: Painting in the Pursuit of Pigmented Knowledge of Self and Other
Bert Winther-Tamaki, 189

Kitagawa Tamiji, Memorial Services at the Tlalpan Cemetery / Torarupamu reien no omatsuri, 1930. Oil on canvas, 99.5 × 89.5 cm. Nagoya City Art Museum.


Michael Sullivan (1916–2013)
Jerome Silbergeld

Donald F. McCallum (1939–2013)
Sherry Fowler


Art of Asia Acquired by North American Museums, 2011–2012