Archives of Asian Art, vol. 63, no. 1 (2013)

1495 AAA 63_00a_ofbc-C 1..1The table of contents below contains links to the MUSE edition of each article and shows either an abstract or a sample image from each of the main entries.

Exorcism from the Streets to the Tomb: An Image of the Judge and Minions in the Xuanhua Liao Tomb No. 7
Jeehee Hong, 1

01-Hong_fig 7a_rgb
Night Entertainment of Han Xizai (detail). 12th-c. copy of a 10th-c. work.
Palace Museum, Beijing.

The Laud Rāgamālā Album, Bikaner, and the Sociability of Subimperial Painting
Molly Emma Aitken, 27

Hinḍola Rāga. Attributed to Fazl, workshop of Abdul Rahim, early 17th c. Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS.

Portraiture on the Periphery: Recognizing Changsem Sherab Zangpo
Rob Linrothe, 59

03-Linrothe_Fig 3_rgb
Detail of Changsem Sherab Zangpo Thangka. Ca. 2008. Made in Dharamsala, now at Phugtal Monastery, Zangskar. Photograph by author, 2010.

On a Shoestring: Small-Time Entrepreneurs and the International Market for Chinese Curios, 1921–1949
Di Yin Lu, 87

AAA 63.1_04_Lu_Page_02_Image_0001
Sparks and Sons employee J. Abbott with Shanghai art dealer Eddie Chow. Ca. 1930s. Sparks Archives, School of African and Oriental Studies, London.

Use on Vacation: The Non-Sculptures of Lee Seung-taek
Joan Kee, 103

05-Kee_fig 14_rgb
Lee Seung-taek. Five Colors. 1966. Collection of the artist.

Obituary: Helmut Brinker (1939–2012)
John Rosenfield, 131