Archives of Asian Art, vol. 60 (2010)

Archives of Asian Art vol. 60 cover

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Addition, Erasure, and Adaptation: Interventions in the Rock-Cut Monuments of Māmallapuram
Vidya Dehejia and Richard Davis, 1

Rāmānuja Cave. Māmallapuram. Ca. 7th c.
Rāmānuja Cave. Māmallapuram. Ca. 7th c.

The Aura of Seven: Reconsidering the Shichibutsu Yakushi Iconography
Yui Suzuki, 19

Seated Yakushi. 1603. Gilt wood.
Seated Yakushi. 1603. Gilt wood. Kyōōgokokuji (Toji), Kyoto.

Transmitting Buddhism to a Future Age: The Leiyin Cave at Fangshan and Cave-Temples with Stone Scriptures in Sixth-Century China
Sonya S. Lee, 43

Interior of Leiyin Cave. Shijing Mountain, Fangshan, Beijing.
Interior of Leiyin Cave. Shijing Mountain, Fangshan, Beijing.

The Achievements and Limitations of Ko Yu-seop, a Luminary in Korean Art History
Kim Youngna, 79

Ko Yu-Seop (1905-1944)
Ko Yu-Seop (1905-1944)

Exhibition Review: Buddhist Sculpture from China: Selections from the Xi’an Beilin Museum, Fifth through Ninth Centuries, China Institute Gallery, New York City (2007)
A. F. Howard, Rob Linrothe, and Amy McNair, 89

Excerpt: “Mixing questions of popular worship with ideas about the personal, dynastic, and monastic use of Buddhist sculpture, the exhibition provided a compelling opportunity to rethink our notions of some of the early Chinese Buddhist movements, patronage systems, and visual styles…. This review essay focuses on the Catalogue as the most enduring record of the exhibition. Also, inspired by the project as a whole, we offer some broader comments relevant to the state of the field, specifically to the handling of questions of provenance and the employment of Buddhological methods of inquiry.”

Art of Asia Acquired by North American Museums, 2008–2009

Chirpy (Sleeveless wedding coat)
Chirpy (Sleeveless wedding coat), Northern Afghanistan. Ringling Museum, Sarasota, Florida.