What It Means to Be Malaya: A Novel

Paperback: $39.00
ISBN-13: 9789715509503
Published: July 2020

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248 pages
  • About the Book
  • What It Means To Be Malaya by Emmily
    Magtalas Rhodes follows the moral and
    psychological growth of Bunny, a young woman
    on the brink of adulthood as she negotiates her
    various relationships with her family and with
    friends in school . . .
    The novel is a social commentary that holds
    a mirror to Philippine society, casting a critical
    eye on our definition of success; obsession with
    beauty contests; on beauty-enhancing products;
    on Western standards of beauty and fashion;

    on the advertising and PR industry; on church-
    going people unaware and unmindful of the

    disconnect between their religious practice and
    their behavior toward other persons.

    —Susan Lara,
    Award-Wining Fictionist

  • About the Author(s)
    • Emmily Magtalas-Rhodes, Author

      Emmily Magtalas Rhodes is a freelance writer. She was born during Marcos-era martial law, and grew up sheltered in the suburbs of Manila, where she only caught glimpses of the political climate from newspapers, TV, and the radio. A shy child, she took refuge in books and comics, and kept a journal from a young age. A graduate of the University of the Philippines, she was also a fellow in the Silliman University National Writers Workshop, and went on to be a staff writer for Filipinas magazine, which was based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years she’s had a number of jobs, including English tutor, assistant editor in a textbook publishing house, barmaid/waitress in an English pub, fully clothed life drawing model, and various office gigs around Edinburgh, including one where she sorted files in a deep underground vault that was reputedly haunted by seventeenth-century ghosts. She currently lives in a spa town in England with her husband and two sons. When faced with a social situation, she summons courage by drinking wine. What It Means to Be Malaya is her debut novel.