Treasury of the True Dharma Eye: Dōgen’s Shōbōgenzō, Eight-Volume Set

Paperback: $250.00
ISBN-13: 9780824899257
Published: November 2024
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Additional Information

3232 pages
  • About the Book
  • This publication represents an English rendering of one of the great classics of Japanese Buddhism, the Shōbōgenzō 正法眼藏, by Dōgen 道元(1200–1253), founder of the Sōtō Zen school. The translation was produced by the Sōtō Zen Text Project, a team of scholars working under the auspices of the Administrative Headquarters of Sōtō Zen Buddhism. It is based on the Japanese edition of the Shōbōgenzō in Kawamura Kōdō 河村孝道, ed., Dōgen zenji zenshū 道元禅師全集, volumes 1–2, which provides what are thought to be the most authoritative compilations of Dōgen’s Shōbōgenzō essays, in seventy-five and twelve chapters, supplemented by sixteen additional texts.

    The translations, in seven volumes, are aimed at both professional and lay audiences. They are accompanied by the Japanese texts and by extensive annotation on the language, literary sources, and interpretations of those texts. An eighth volume provides a lengthy study of the history and contents of the Shōbōgenzō, supplementary notes to the translation, and an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary works.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Carl Bielefeldt, Editor

    • Soto Zen Text Project, Translator

      Founded in 1995 under the auspices of the International Department (Kokusaika 国際課) of the Administrative Headquarters of Sōtō Zen Buddhism (Sōtōshū Shūmuchō 曹洞宗宗務庁), the Sōtō Zen Text Project (Sōtōshū Shūten Kyōten Hon’yaku Jigyō 曹洞宗宗典経典翻訳事業) brings together teams of scholars to produce English translations of the foundational texts of the Japanese Sōtō Zen School. The following Project members contributed to this publication:
      Urs App, Professor, Emeritus, Hanazono University: technical support
      Carl Bielefeldt, Professor, Emeritus, Stanford University: editor-in-chief and translator
      William M. Bodiford, Professsor, Emeritus, UCLA: author of Introduction and translator
      T. Griffith Foulk, Professor, Sarah Lawrence College: editor and translator
      Sarah J. Horton, independent scholar: copy editor
      Stanley Weinstein (1929-2017), Professor, Emeritus, Yale University: translator