Treasury of Hawaiian Words in One Hundred and One Categories

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ISBN-13: 9780824816049
Published: October 1993

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504 pages
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  • “This Treasury offers a wealth of information for everybody…. [It] proves that a surprising number of Hawaiian words from our receding past still help us to express ourselves in the maddening present.” –from the Foreword by O. A. Bushnell

    Working from faded notes left more than a century ago by Dr. Charles M. Hyde, Harold Winfield Kent researched correct spellings, diacritical marks, definitions, and new words to compile this listing of Hawaiian words according to category and subject.

    Readers will discover unanticipated uses as they explore the treasures in this book. Some people will use it to gain an acquaintance with the Hawaiian culture in all its aspects; others will use it to enhance their familiarity with the language. It will be an aid to oratory and poetry, prayer and preaching, writing and teaching.

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    • Harold Winfield Kent, Author

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