Title Index to Daoist Collections

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Published: June 2005

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216 pages
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  • Title Index to Daoist Collections is a catalogue of texts as they appear in various Daoist collections. It provides a title index to not only the Zhengtong daozang, the standard textual collection for Daoist Studies, but also to six other important collections of Daoist texts, namely, the Dunhuang manuscripts, Daozang jiyao, Daozang jinghua lu, Daozang jinghua, Zangwai daoshu, and Qigong yangsheng congshu. With regards to the Zhengtong daozang, this volume contains a combined title index using the numbers of the Concordance du Tao-tsang, Daozang zimu yinde, Daozang tiyao, fascicle-based system, and the volume and page number of each text as it appears in the reduced 36-volume edition. For the six other Daoist collections, this book offers the first title index with a numbering system that parallels those used in citing the Zhengtong daozang. In addition, all texts are cross-indexed using pinyin romanization. Thus, each collection is indexed by (1) order of appearance of the Daoist texts collected therein, and (2) pinyin title in a combined index.

    Easy to use, the Index gives access to all Daoist texts collected over the centuries and provides a clear, standardized way of referring to them. Find your Daoist texts in an instant! A must-have for all engaged in the scholarly study of Daoism.

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    • Louis Komjathy, Author

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