Three Short Treatises by Vasubandhu, Sengzhao, and Zongmi: “A Mahayana Demonstration on the Theme of Action,” “Essays of Sengzhao,” and “The Treatise on the Origin of Humanity”

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ISBN-13: 9781886439665
Published: May 2018

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450 pages
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  • Three Short Treatises collects brief and important explorations in Mahayana Buddhism. “A Mahayana Demonstration on the Theme of Action” is Vasubandhu’s meditation on karma, here translated from the earlier Chinese translation of Xuan-zhuang. The work presents a systematic view of various theories on karma from the perspective of the Mind Only school. “Essays of Sengzhao” presents four works by Sengzhao, an important disciple of Kumārajīva; the collection is said to have exerted considerable influence on later Chinese Buddhism, in part because it relates issues in Buddhist doctrine to traditional Chinese philosophy. “The Treatise on the Origin of Humanity” by Zong-mi explores the basis of human existence in the context of Confucianism, Taoism, Theravada, and certain Mahayana understandings—which he finds unsatisfactory—to present what he considers a true Mahayana view of human existence.

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    • John P. Keenan, Translator

    • Rafal Felbur, Translator

    • Yün-hua Jan, Translator

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