The Water of Life: A Jungian Journey through Hawaiian Myth

Hardback: $31.00
ISBN-13: 9780824812423
Published: August 1989

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  • Mythology flows like a subterranean stream throughout Hawai‘i. Rita Knipe has selected a number of characteristic myths and mythological figures from the rich pantheon of Hawaiian deities. As she retells their stories, illustrated by Hawaii artist Dietrich Varez, the transposition of such primal drama to the pages of this book becomes poetic theater. The dramatic plots are myths and legends chosen from the oral traditions of unique island people, but the underlying themes and symbols are archetypal and eternal.

    Drawing parallels between Hawaiian mythology, universal patterns, and individual behavior, the author illustrates certain basic Jungian concepts and explains how we express them in the drama of our own lives.

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    • Rita Knipe, Author

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