The Sound of the Wind: The Life and Works of Uno Chiyo

Hardback: $31.00
ISBN-13: 9780824814090
Published: June 1992
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256 pages
  • About the Book
  • Fashion ingenue, magazine editor, kimono designer, femme fatale, prize-winning writer–Uno Chiyo has becomeone of twentieth-century Japan's most accomplished and celebrated women. In this two-part volume, Rebecca L. Copeland offers Western readers a fascinating portrait of Uno's life along with translations of three of her distinctive works of short fiction.

    Part One depicts Uno's sometimes turbulent passage from obscurity in a small village to national literary prominence. There are the early years under her father's stern turelage; the first scandalous, failed romance which cost her her job as a schoolteacher; her apprenticeship at Enrakuken, the coffee shop of the literary elite whose ranks she laters joined as a resident of the “Magome Literati Village”; her series of passionate and troubled relationships and marriages. Throughout, Dr. Copeland focuses on the evolution of Uno's art and discusses her major works, paying special attention to the effect being female had on Uno's development as a writer.

    The three stories in Part Two are examples of Uno's work at its finest. “The Puppet Maker” (1942), a much-admired reflection on art and life, describes an encounter with a venerable carver of puppets. “The Sound of the Wind” (1969) is the tale of a wife at the turn of the century who willingly denies her own needs. “This Powder Box” (1966) shows a progressive career woman coming to terms with an old love affair. At once compelling and lyrical, the stories are a masterful interpretation of tradition, of women, and of self-fulfullment.

    The Sound of the Wind: The Life and Works of Uno Chiyo will engage both specialists and general readers interested in twentieth-century Japan, literature, and women's issues.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Rebecca L. Copeland, Author

    • Rebecca L. Copeland, Translator

    • Uno Chiyo, Author

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