The Soul of Taiji: Zhang Sanfeng-Wu Baolin Taijiquan

Paperback: $35.00
ISBN-13: 9781931483438
Published: March 2020

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240 pages | 500 illus.
  • About the Book
  • The Soul of Taiji introduces the original practice of taijiquan as taught by Zhang Sanfeng, the original creator, to the outside world for the first time, pristinely preserved and complete. It tells the story of Master Wu Baolin and how he came to learn this Daoist taijiquan from Master Du Xinling at the White Cloud Monastery in Beijing. The practice goes back seven generations, starting with Zhang Sanfeng, the founder of the Wudang branch of the Complete Reality School; it has since continued through Zhang Daishan and other senior lineage holders.

    Daoist taijiquan adheres to roundness, the circular symbolizing movement and exercise, and the key to opening the mysterious life gate, onto to a better path, each day fulfilled and joyous. Zhang Sanfeng Taijiquan amongst all forms is unique, practicing in only one singular direction, following the rotation of the earth, the direction of the winds, the turning of the stars, and the shapes of the planets. The universe is vast and unknown, but according to Yijing, the universe itself is round. By observing and practicing Daoist taijiquan, the roundness of the universe is then integrated, the self its reflection, becoming one.

  • About the Author(s)
    • Wu Baolin, Author

      Dr. Wu Baolin (b. 1954) is a senior master of Daoist taijiquan, Chinese medicine, and qi cultivation. Born in China, he now heals and teaches in Santa Monica, widely recognized as an authority in Chinese medicine and the martial arts. He is also the author of Dog Mother (Three Pines Press, 2022), and various other works on qigong, longevity, and health. Brent Christopher Wulf (b. 1982) began studying qigong under Dr. Baolin Wu in 2006 and has since studied other Daoist arts such as: taijiquan, swordplay and medical massage. He also earned a Master of Science degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2019. He is a California native.
    • Michael McBride, Author

      Michael McBride, a Los Angeles native, has studies with Master Wu for 24 years, working with qigong, taijiquan, swordplay and medical massage. He has traveled extensively in and around China for over two decades and is coauthor of The Eight Immortals' Revolving Sword .
    • Oliver Benson, Illustrator

  • Reviews and Endorsements
    • Taijiquan is a form of health preserving exercise worthy of promotion. Learning taijiquan from Dr. Wu is probably the best thing one can do for oneself.
      —Christoph Waltz, Actor, Academy Award Winner
    • The Soul of Taiji is a beautifully written and scholarly work. It offers a comprehensive and elegantly illustrated instructional section for the student as well as a thorough exposition of the philosophy that underlies the practice. The story of Dr. Wu’s journey to mastery is fascinating and inspiring.
      —Allan Kreiger, M.D., Ophthalmology, UCLA Medical Center