The Scripture on the Explication of Underlying Meaning

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ISBN-13: 9781886439108
Published: May 2006

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126 pages
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  • The basic sutra of the Fa-hsiang School, this sūtra expounds the thought of the Yogacara or Mind-Only School (Vijnanavada), stating that all phenomena are manifestations of the mind. It belongs to the middle period of Indian Mahayana Buddhism and is considered to have been composed at the start of the fourth century A.D. It is divided into 8 chapters, and gives a detailed exposition of the philosophy of the Yogacara School. Judging from the fact that the greater part of this sutra is quoted in the Yogacarabhumi, and that numerous citations from it are to be found in such works as the Mahayanasamgraha and Jo-yui-shiki-ron, it is clear that it exerted considerable influence in later times.

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    • John P. Keenan, Translator

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