The Collection for the Propagation and Clarification of Buddhism Volume 1

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ISBN-13: 9781886439498
Published: March 2015

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371 pages
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  • Compiled by Vinaya Master Shi Sengyou these writings were intended to protect the Buddha Dharma from criticisms by Confucians and Daoists and the political powers of the time. An invaluable source to examine the early development of Chinese Buddhism. This work (Taisho 2102) compiles discourses, responses to Anti-Buddhist critiques, correspondence, reports to the emperor, family codes, and written appeals by Buddhist laypeople and monks, dating from the Eastern Jin dynasty (317–420) through the mid-sixth century of the Liang Dynasty (502-557). By collecting literary works from distinctive scholars of former ages that were intended to dispel wrong views toward Buddhism, Sengyou hoped to disperse doubts in his own time.

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    • Harumi Hirano Ziegler, Author

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